Do You Want Your Ex Back? - Use This To Get Them Back

Do You Want Your Ex Back? – Use This To Get Them Back

Use This Secret Formula To Get Your Ex Back In Your Arms For Good!

Here’s how I made my ex-boyfriend fall deeply in love with me again and beg me to take him back…

When my ex-boyfriend who I thought was the perfect man for me said, “I don’t love you anymore,” my world came crashing down and I thought things would never get any better until I discovered an unusual trick that re-wired his feelings and re-ignited his passion for me.

I’m Vanessa and when the man I was dating for 3 years…

The man who I thought was “the one”…

The man who I thought I would marry…

Broke it off with me, panic took over my life.

I couldn’t control the overwhelming sense of anxiety that flooded through me. Three years of my life wasted. And no matter how much I begged and pleaded with him, it didn’t make any difference.

I apologized and promised to change. Texting him. Calling him, praying that he would answer me.

Radio silence… I was ready to give up completely…

…Until a random night of searching the internet changed it all for me.

It was Wednesday night and I was too worried to sleep.

Lying there, wondering if I could have said or done something differently. Why hadn’t he returned my messages? Maybe I wasn’t beautiful enough for him? Was I young enough for him? Was this it? Had he moved on to another woman? Was he gone forever?

I missed him so much. I would have given anything to feel how incredible I felt waking up next to the man of my dreams again.

I need to get him back. I needed some advice. The best advice I could find.

So I began my search on the internet to find the most qualified expert.

Someone who could fix my situation. Someone who was a true expert on breakups and relationships. Not the normal “dating advice” you read in Cosmo magazine. I needed the best.

That’s when I found him.

My search led me to a man named Nick Bastion who said he knew exactly “what every man needed,” and he had some unique advice on…

What to do if the man you want has “fallen out of love” with you and you want him back…

What I discovered was that Nick studied love like a doctor studies medicine, and that he’s been a professional relationship counselor for over 10 years.

And he’s learned one important thing when it comes to getting your ex back:

Nick says “You need to wipe out your ex’s old negative memories and replace them with new feelings of intense love, desire and obsession for you.”

I wanted to rewind the clock, was there any way to ignite my ex’s passion for me again? I needed to find out.

Nick went on to tell me that, “It all comes down to manipulating a man’s emotions and what most women do is flat out wrong when they want to get their Ex back.”

What could I be doing wrong?

He said, “What you’ve been doing is trying to ‘convince’ him to get back together with you but no amount of logic or reasoning is going to compel him to love you again.”

“Why? Because you’ve only been talking to the left side of his brain, his rational and logical side.This is not where he feels feelings.”

“You need to reach the emotional side of his brain which is the right side where all the feelings are located.”

“Then change those feelings so he falls deeply in love with you again and even begs you to take him back.”

“The good news is that using a covert psychological tactic I’ve developed you can manipulate his emotions and feelings about you.”

“See, right now in his mind he’s got all the old emotions, negative feelings and the reasons why you broke up.”

“But when you use covert psychology to replace those feelings with feelings of love then everything changes.”

“It doesn’t matter if he says he doesn’t love you right now or will never get back together with you.”

“This can all be changed very quickly when you use covert psychology to implant a seed of love in the emotional side of his brain.”

“When you do, it’s like flipping a kind of “switch” in his mind and he’ll start to see you very differently… he’ll start to see you as his Soul Mate, the woman who he has to be with because he now feels strong positive feelings about you. I call this special method my Soul Mate Switch and I’ve been teaching it to woman in my private practice for years.”

“This simple ‘switch’ exploits a biological trigger found in every man, which drenches his mind in nature’s “love hormone”, triggering an overwhelming, profound and deep feeling that you are ‘the one’. The woman he’s meant to be with. His Soul Mate.”

“When you do this everything changes even if you think he hates you right now. Your ex becomes powerless to resist and he’ll be forced to respond because he now sees you as the woman he’s destined to be with…He’ll realize he made a huge mistake and will beg you to take him back.”

“Because this happens on a subconscious level, he won’t be able to fight these feelings for you.”

“And this is backed up by science…There is something called ‘oxytocin’ which is a natural hormone produced in the brain’s hypothalamus that generates intense emotions like love, passion and sexual desire.”

“That’s why I call my method the ‘Soul Mate Switch’ because it will make his brain produce wave upon wave of oxytocin. Eventually he’ll have to cave into his desires, regardless of what he knows is the “right thing to do.”

“That’s the real beauty of my method. I’ll show you how to slip straight past his ‘male defenses’ and natural urges to resist your advances. He’ll be begging you to take him back and he’ll think it was his idea! Then you get to decide if you want to take him back or not.”

I was excited and wanted to learn more about Nick’s covert psychology he had been perfecting for years. How could I make my ex-boyfriend see me as his Soul Mate and realize he had made a big mistake?

First Nick said, “To sum it up you need to remember 2 vital facts most women don’t know about breakups.”

Breakup Fact #1:

Your ex lied to you. When men say things like:

“We need a break.”

“I need time alone.”

“It’s got nothing to do with you, it’s me.”

“Things aren’t like they used to be.”

“I hope we can be friends one day.”

“I’m just not ready for a serious relationship right now”

“I just don’t love you anymore”

Or anything similar…

“These lines are just “cover” for the real reason why he broke up with you. I’ll show you what really goes on inside the ‘male mind’ so you know the real reason your relationship ended so you can fix it before it’s too late.”


Breakup Fact #2:

“If you want to win back the love of your ex-boyfriend and begin a new healthy relationship, like I said before, you must replace all the negative feelings he has about you with positive feelings. You can do this by tapping into his emotional brain and activate what I like to call the “Soulmate Switch” so he can’t imagine himself with anyone else but you.”

“Just imagine how your ex would act if he suddenly realized you where the ‘one’ he was meant to be with. How fast do you think he would apologize? He would even come crawling back to you because he would feel that letting you go was the biggest mistake of his life…”

I knew if I really wanted to get my ex back – this was it.

I needed to make him see me as ‘the one’ and all the mistakes of the past would melt away because he would see me as his Soul Mate and move mountains to be with me.

I needed to figure this out… How can I guarantee my ex-boyfriend would see me as his Soul Mate and fall in love with me again?

I couldn’t wait to learn what else Nick could teach me. So when I discovered that he was hosting a seminar in Los Angeles I was overjoyed. I had to learn what Nick knew so I could get my relationship back and have it be better then ever.

As you can imagine I wasn’t sure if Nick would be able to help a woman in my situation but I decided to give it a chance. He promised that his seminar would show me the secret to make any man see me as “the one” and he invited me to join the other women attending.

I couldn’t pass this up. Nick even offered a complete refund to anyone who wasn’t satisfied. So I figured I had nothing to lose so I decided to go. If his expert advice really could help me it would be worth the price he charged.

I never expected that weekend to be so life changing.

What I learned during that seminar was awe inspiring. My mind was abuzz with what could be possible.

Nick shared amazing relationship advice and powerful psychological tactics that he had never shared publicly.

Things like:

  • How to make a man put you first in his life (even if you think he’s gone for good)
  • Why men fall in love and how to make them fall for you again even when they leave.
  • How to make him chase you again.
  • The #1 thing men truly want
  • How to make a man beg to be with you forever
  • How to bypass his emotional defenses and touch his heart when he’s resisting love
  • Why he isn’t committing to you and exactly how to make him say “yes” now
  • What he needs from you to eagerly commit forever
  • How to make him desire you even if you think he’s slipping away or left for good
  • A trick to reach even the most distant man and have him love you again
  • What makes a man see you as the one even when he currently hates you

What I learned at Nick’s amazing seminar really opened up the possibilities for me.

After attending everything changed. I knew exactly what to do and say. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle and I can’t believe it worked!

1. My ex-boyfriend invited me out to “talk things over”

2. He told me he made the biggest mistake of his life and if I could “please consider taking him back”

3. We’ve started a fresh relationship and it’s as if all our problems of the past never happened

I finally had the second chance I had been wishing for. I bet by now you might be wondering why I’ve written this article and the reason is that something amazing has happened and I wanted to share it with you.

This is all thanks to Nick. He genuinely cares about helping women and travels around the country teaching these seminars and he’s literally helped thousands of women get the relationships they want.

It’s not that often you find such an honest caring guy, who’s looking out for you.

Nick has put together a somewhat unusual video that I believe every woman should watch. It’s based on the seminar that I went to and has a lot of the same information I learned. So I believe women who want to make their ex fall in love with them again should watch right away. You really shouldn’t miss out.

(Be sure your speakers are on and click the play button to watch)

What Nick shared with me changed everything. My relationship has never been better and I do believe it can change your life as well. I no longer worry about what my man is thinking or if he will disappear. My life is filled with more joy and happiness then I thought was possible and it’s all thanks to Nick.

Take action today and change your life. I really hope you enjoy the video.

Hope this helps.


P.S. If you want to get your ex back for good then you must have them see you as your Soul Mate so watch this unusual video that Nick created. You owe it to yourself. I truly believe it’s the best resource in the world and I am proof that this works

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