The #1 Thing Men Desire In A Woman

The #1 Thing Men Desire In A Woman

Here’s how I made the man of my dreams addicted to me and eagerly devote himself to me…

After years of heartache, I finally figured out what makes a man feel a special kind of love and desire so powerful he chases me and must commit to me using an unusual trick.
My name is Rebecca and I live in the United States. I’m not the youngest or prettiest woman around and when it came to my dating life I was usually the single one.

When I was dating a man and thought I had great connection with him – he quickly seemed to lose interest, became emotionally cold and then would disappear. That was me.

I once was dating a man who broke it off with me because he said I was “overly clingy.” To be honest I was scared he would leave me and that’s what he did.

I read as much”dating and relationship advice” as I could. I needed to know what men wanted. All I discovered was the same old thing you’ve probably heard before like: stop being desperate, always get dressed and look pretty, cook him delicious meals, prove what an amazing wife/girlfriend you could be, and then, of course… be a “freak” in the bedroom while composed and normal in public…

I tried hard, I really did and the more I tried the more desperate and insecure I felt.

It seemed to me that men only wanted pretty, skinny girls or the super flirtatious type of woman. Neither of those describes me so I just assumed I would spend my life alone or settle for than less than I deserve.

It felt like the kind of woman men ended up going out with were bubbly, outgoing,super thin and pretty. Well, unfortunately this was the opposite of me. I struggled with my weight, never felt attractive or like men noticed me.

In fact, I felt totally invisible—simply unnoticed by the men I wanted.

I also used to remember how I watched women who weren’t even that pretty or interesting get the most desirable, coveted after men literally obsessed with them. And the worst part? Some of these women were even manipulative and mean! And amazing men bent over backwards to shower these horrible and even mean women with constant attention, love and adoration. Meanwhile, I would go out of my way to be nice, hit it off with a guy at first but then things would start falling apart quite fast. The man would start getting really distant, difficult and confusing….

And end up abandoning me, “ghosting” and not pursuing an official relationship with me because they just weren’t interested.

I honestly thought that all I was good for was to be a “meantime fling” not an actual “girlfriend.” I basically decided dating and I did not get along and that the entire idea of it was pointless.

…Until one morning of looking for advice on the internet changed it all for me.

It was Sunday morning and I felt scared…

So as usual I started going out with a guy I was very happy and hopeful about… this was actually promising and I thought it was the “one” I’d been searching for and things would go right this time.

But sadly, as usual, after we were dating for a little bit… I noticed those fatal warning signals that he was becoming distant… and I was so scared he would leave me.

I frantically looked up what I could do to fix the situation and felt I had to find an “expert.”

An I mean someone who really “knew” what it was that men secretly craved but could never tell women. I needed someone who knew what works every time and could expose the secrets about what really makes a man permanently interested.

And that is when I stumbled upon Nick Bastion. He was promising that I would discover exactly what all men secretly crave and claimed he was going to reveal some shockingly effective, special informationon exactly what men truly desire…

The Secret You Need To Know About Men

Who is Nick? Well, he’s been a love expert and researched everything about relationships, love and what makes a man tick as if he is a surgeon dissecting a medical condition.

And on that fateful day he revealed his most significant revelation about men:

“The sad truth is when you go out of your way to do things to make him happy… and are in a really good mood, happy, nice, on his “team,” yet also sprinkle in enough of the chase to make sure he doesn’t get too comfortable and think he has you… this is when he vanishes out of nowhere or breaks up with you for no reason!”

Women are wired to want to be sweet motherly figures who are kind and caring. But being this way alone is not going to make a man truly fall in love. You need to realize there’s an “intangible” that a guy has to have a specific kind of “emotional experience” to actually go out of his way to chase you, commit to you and be obsessed with you.

If you are missing this special “component,” and he gets the impression that you’re pressuring him into making things official… his walls and male radar go up fast and he won’t be aware of it but his subconscious will feel that you’re definitely not his “soul mate.”

This will make him try to establish independence and liberate himself from you and he certainly will not be emotionally open or try to establish a deeper bond.

Even worse, his subconscious and instincts will tell him that he’s constantly under the microscope and he will feel he is suffocating.

What does he do when he feels this? Well, he becomes distant, confusing and makes sure he is never emotionally present. This murders any short at love and the budding relationship is stopped before it starts.

Nick continued, “This is the reason behind why when you look for love and are craving it, you’re accidentally killing your chances with him and you always end up in the same cycle of trying to capture his attention and love but never really having it. Or if you do end up dating him and in an official relationship you always feel that you like him more and that he’s not completely in it.”

On the flip side, when a man views you as his “soul mate,” everything you do or say makes you more amazing in his eyes. Rather than view you as a freedom snatcher, a crazy woman trying to “force him into a relationship” he views you as “the one.” A woman he cannot imagine life without.

“You must flip a “soul mate switch” in the male mind to make him crave you and make him eager to make things official.

That’s what the “soul mate switch is…” the way to make a man immediately see you as his soul mate. Once he views you through this lens, rather than be scared of being trapped he will genuinely think his life would be completely horrible and not worth living if you were not in it. Rather than him think about if he is “settling” or what other women are out there, he will be 100% sure… beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his quest for love is done. He’s found his soul mate. You.

It smacked me in the face how incorrectly my way of going about things as: I was desperately searching for love and accidentally sabotaging myself. I’d scare men way because I wasn’t making him view me as his “soul mate.” Once I could do this, the man I wanted would chase me and pursue me without me having to do anything.

But I wanted to be certain and have no fear of this not working… how could I make it a total guarantee that he’d for sure view me as his soul mate, the one woman he wants to be with forever?

When Nick replied to me that he was doing a special event for women in Los Angeles in a week you can imagine how excited I was to hear what he’d reveal. I wasn’t going to leave this up to chance and not seize the opportunity fast.

I was obviously thinking, “this is too good to be true!” It’s one thing to tell someone that you know how to do something so amazing (making any man see you as his soul mate) but this being real? I mean… ok maybe it was real and Nick understands how to do it… but could he really show all women how to as well? Being able to actually explain it would be even more difficult.

Nick’s event was going to be where he revealed his super secret that would make any man immediately view you as his “soulmate.” And he would reveal it to a small group of women who were going to be in attendance. I made the choice to go.

Because he provided a guaranteed refund if you were not happy with the event, I felt comfortable and like I was not taking a big gamble. And if Nick was a train wreck at least I’d be entertained. But if Nick was serious about what he claimed this event would be worth a million times more than the amount of money the event cost.

I remember going to the event and sitting down, eager to listen and learn.

The secrets I discovered were like a hail storm of wisdom and knowledge. I finally felt like I had hope.

The information I learned that weekend was like drinking from a fire hose of knowledge. It left me dizzy with all the wonderful possibilities.

Nick was full of amazing information to reveal. In fact, he even exposed covert psychological concepts on topics ranging from:

  • The way to be his #1 priority no
  • The reason behind why a man falls in true love
  • Secrets to making any man chase you
  • What all men want above anything else
  • How to make him grovel to be with you until the end of time
  • The secret to getting by his emotional blocks and reach his heart
  • The truth behind his lack of commitment & how to reverse this and force him to agree to it now
  • What to do if you want his undying devotion
  • Way to make him crave you no matter what (yes, even if he’s pulling away now)
  • How to get inside even the most guarded man’s heart
  • What makes a man see you as his “soulmate”

This seminar was beyond spectacular and made me realize how many exciting things I could now do! Since I went to it here are a few of the “life changes” (aka dreams that have somehow become reality):

1. I’m actually in a healthy relationship and it’s red-hot and he does little romantic things constantly

2. He brought me chocolates last week out of the blue

3. When I speak, he’s actually emotionally present and listens to me & my needs are fulfilled

4. I actually truly feel loved, adored and cared for

Honestly… my love life transformed. Which might make you ask: then why are you writing this right now? Because I know the pain of what it feels like to deal with what I dealt with…

Because something amazing occurred and I really want you to be aware of it.

Nick is an amazing, truly sweet man who jumps with excitement any time he can help. He leads a busy life and travels internationally to help heal the hearts of women from all races, nationalities, all ages… He has literally helped thousands of women achieve the true love they desperately want and deserve.

Nick has made a kind of strange video I feel all women need to watch right now. It was inspired by the event I went to and contains a lot of the same stuff I discovered. So if you’re a woman who isn’t in the amazing relationship you have always wanted you owe it to yourself to watch this now.

(Please make sure your volume is turned on and you are not muted and click the play button to watch it now!)

These secrets have changed the way I approach men and it has permanently altered my relationship in ways I could not have imagined in the past. I truly think this is life-changing information that will make you happier than you can ever imagine when it comes to your love life. My life is so different than how it used to be. I am living a dream I had as a little girl… to be in an intense, amazing, romantic relationship that makes my heart flutter every time I think about him. And I know he loves me as well. All thanks to this amazing knowledge.

Thanks for reading. I think you will love this life-changing video (seriously) and my hope is you will act now, today to change your life forever.

All the best!


P.S. If you want to make any man chase you, commit his entire self to you and shower you with attention… you really owe it to yourself to watch this strange presentation that Nick made. In my honest opinion, this is the best material out there. I am actually living proof that this changes your life and works !

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