Why Men Fall In Love And Why Men Leave "Perfect" Women

Why Men Fall In Love And Why Men Leave “Perfect” Women

Here’s how I got my dream guy obsessed with me and begging to be in a committed relationship…

After painfully wasting years on failed relationships, I now have the devotion, love, loyalty and commitment I’ve always wanted from the man I adore thanks to one unusual trick.

In case you don’t know, I’m Rebecca and I’m a middle-aged woman living in the United States.

All my life I had been just awful with men. awful. I just didn’t understand anything about them. I was always the crushed and disappointed woman who thought every time that she was in the relationship of her dreams with “the one”… only to come painfully crashing back to reality after he inevitably lost interest and pulled away from me.

One guy broke up with me because I was “way too clingy.” I was terrified he was going to dump me, and that’s exactly what happened.

Guys always seemed to go for traditionally “hot” women or super flirty women – and I’m neither. I thought I had no shot at the type of man I really wanted, since it seemed like none of them were really interested in me… and that I would be forced to settle for less.

What really made me feel upset was seeing women who weren’t all that special have amazing, attractive, successful men fall for them, and fall for them hard. Why should they get such amazing guys? What do they have that I don’t? I knew for a fact that some of them weren’t good people…

It hurt to watch women like that get treated like queens by amazing men while the same awful pattern happened to me over and over again. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how great things seemed at the beginning, sooner or later he’d lose interest in me and pull away, leaving me alone and heartbroken.

I had all but given up. I thought all I would be to guys was a casual fling. I had just about given up completely…

…Until I found something on the internet that completely turned my dating life upside down.

It was Sunday morning and I was completely freaked out…

I once again found myself dating a guy who I was excited about – maybe this would finally be what I had been searching for all.

But like a bad dream, the same nightmare pattern started to play out again, and he was giving me all the signs that I knew meant he was losing interest in me… and it was freaking me out.

I didn’t want to lose yet another guy. So I started searching online for advice…

I needed an expert who knew exactly what he was talking about.

Not someone who’d just recycle the same tired old relationship advice that doesn’t actually help in the real world at all. I needed a guy who knew the real deal – who knew exactly what men truly wanted deep down.

And then I stumbled onto him.

My search led me to a man named Nick Bastion who said he knew “what every man needed,” and promised a unique perspective on exactly why men fall in love and why men leave “perfect” women, and what you need to do if the man you want loses interest or pulls away…

Avoid The #1 Most Common Mistake And Keep Him Hooked And Devoted To You For Good

Nick has worked for over 10 years professionally as a relationship counselor, and he’s devoted the majority of his life to closely studying matters of love and the heart…

On that day, Nick revealed his most important discovery about relationships:

“If a guy gets the feeling that you’re trying to maneuver him into a relationship, ninety nine times out of a hundred his defenses will go up and he’ll shut himself down.”

“It’s not even something that happens consciously, on an instinctual level his heart will tell him that you’re not “the one”, and an unconscious urge he can’t ignore will force him to push you away and close down any emotional connection he has with you.”

This must be why my relationships always ended in heartache. Every time I thought I was getting close to what I truly wanted I would get my heart broken. Nick gave me another secret that revolutionized my love life…

Nick told me: “If you try to ‘get a guy into a relationship,’ he will feel an uncontrollable urge to distance himself from you as much as possible. His instincts kick in and raise all his male defenses, creating an impenetrable shell around his heart that walls him off emotionally and makes him go completely cold. When that happens, it becomes virtually impossible for love to grow between you.”

“That’s the reason that as you want his love more and more, you’re unconsciously ruining your chances with the man you truly desire. This situation almost always ends in you desperately chasing him and his love… and feeling insecure and terrified he’s not really committed to you.”

Those words hit my brain like an atom bomb… and completely illuminated my understanding about relationships.

The next thing he told me quite literally changed my life.

He said: “Alternatively, if you can get a guy to think you’re “the one”, then he winds up desperately chasing after you, instead of the other way around. He won’t think you’re trying to ‘trap’ him into a relationship, instead he’ll see you as the woman he couldn’t possibly live without… the other half of his soul that he’s been looking for all his life.”

Nick went on… “When a guy thinks of you as his ‘soul mate’, as ‘the one’ person he can’t live without, he won’t ever be worried about his ‘freedom’ again. Instead, he’ll feel that the only thing that matters in his life is his love for you.”

“It’s like a switch gets flipped inside him and he stops even considering other women – because he’s 100% certain that he’s found the woman who completes him, his soul mate.”

It was at that moment that I knew what I’d been doing wrong all along. I had unconsciously driven away every man I truly wanted, because I had chased their love. Instead, I had to ‘flip the script’, and become ‘the one’ in his eyes, so that he would chase after me as desperately as I once chased after other men.

That wasn’t enough… What could I do to guarantee that the man I wanted saw me as his one and only soul mate?

It’s not surprising that I was incredibly excited to hear what else Nick had to say. When I realized that he was leading a seminar in Los Angeles the next week, it was a no-brainer to sign up and find out exactly what to do. I knew I couldn’t mess up this chance to finally turn my love life around.

Obviously, I had some doubts. Nick had ‘talked the talk’, but I wasn’t sure he could really ‘walk the walk’. Plus, even if he knew what he was talking about, could he actually teach anyone how to do it? I wasn’t convinced.

Nick taught a seminar where he promised to show any woman how to use the secret that forces any guy to see you as “the one” – and I decided that I had to go.

I knew that he offered a complete and total refund to anyone who wasn’t satisfied and who didn’t get the results they wanted, so I wasn’t risking anything by going. Plus, if he didn’t know his head from his rear end and made a fool of himself, at least it would be entertaining. But on the other hand… if he really could back up what he was saying, if he really could deliver what he was promising, then the seminar was worth many many times what he was charging.

On the day of his seminar, I got there on time and sat down at one of the tables.

Nick’s teaching was like downloading huge amounts information directly into my brain. I felt lightheaded with the new world of possibility that opened up to me.

Nick shared an incredible amount of super-effective relationship techniques that I could use right away. He also revealed deep psychological truths about…

Things like:

  • What makes a man put you first in his mind
  • Why men fall in love
  • How you can make him chase you (again!)
  • The #1 thing men really want (but won’t tell you)
  • How to make him addicted to you and commit forever
  • If he has defenses to love how to touch his heart so he’s ready for commitment
  • Why he isn’t committing to you and exactly how to make him say “yes” now
  • What he needs to hear from you so he eagerly commits
  • A trick to reignite his desire for you even if you think he’s gone for good
  • If He’s distant then do this simple action
  • What makes a man see you as the “one” who he’s meant to be with forever

That seminar blew my mind – and totally changed my dating life for the better.

Ever since I went to Nick’s seminar, I’ve gotten truly incredible results that feel like an absolute miracle to me. Here’s just a few things that have happened since:

1. I’m finally in a relationship that has real passion and romance – the kind I’ve always wanted

2. The type of relationship where he brings you flowers for no reason (he actually just did this yesterday)

3. I feel like he wants to make sure I’m happy and that he meets my needs in the relationship

4. I’ve never felt so cherished and loved in a relationship in my entire life

It’s like everything about my love life changed overnight. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why is she sitting around writing this article?” Here’s why: something truly amazing has happened and I want you to know about it right now…

I truly believe in my heart that Nick is a good person who deeply cares about helping people. He’s spent years teaching these secrets to women of every age and background all over the world. There are thousands and thousands of women who finally have the relationships they’ve always wanted and deserved thanks to Nick.

Nick made a very unusual video that I think you absolutely have to watch. He took a lot of the concepts he talked about in the seminar I went to and put that same information into the video. If your love life isn’t what you want and you don’t have the relationship you’ve always wanted, you absolutely owe it to yourself to watch this video.

(Be sure your speakers are on and click the play button to watch)

The things he teaches in this video completely revolutionized my understanding of men and relationships. I truly think that if you watch it, it will change your life… because it definitely changed mine forever. Now I have the passionate, loving, incredible relationship I’ve always wanted, thanks to the information in this video.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope this video does for you what it did for me, and that you seize this opportunity to change your life forever.

Good luck!


P.S. If you want the man of your dreams to desperately chase after you with love and devotion in his heart, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to watch Nick’s strange video. This is the best information out there period, and if you want proof it works all you need to do is look at what happened to me.

=>Discover what makes a man put you first in his mind and remind him why he needs you (even if he seems like he’s losing interest in you)…