Top 10 Styling Tips for Curly Hair

Top 10 Styling Tips for Curly Hair

Girls with straight hair don’t always know how lucky they are – but only in terms of keeping their hair in the most presentable fashion. If the hair has curls or waves to it, the task of presenting it best becomes harder by degrees. Ringlets especially want a careful approach.

Here is good advice from hair experts how to do your curly hair to advantage.

1. Dry Your Wavy Hair the Proper Way

Avoid using terrycloth towels for drying your hair curls – if you make a heavy use of them, it can lead to frizzing and messed-up cuticles. Go for paper towels, T-shirt or microfiber ones, and don’t rub – apply gentle pressure.

2. Blow Drying Curly Hair

If you’re going to dry your curls with air, first make your ringlets well-defined. Using curl cream or hair gel, wrap a couple of inches of every curl around the finger. Then, picking duckbill clips, hold them vertically by the top of the head and raise the curls up.

3. Moisturize Your Hair

Unfortunately, waves and curls also mean tiny cracks and minuscule crevices. As they grow bigger and wider, curls begin to acquire an untidy look. To prevent that, see that your hair is amply moisturized and held in place.

4. Haircuts

Hair that undulates cannot grow as quickly as straight hair, it’s obvious. Nevertheless, trimming remains a necessity, you don’t want to have split ends. Have your hair care for against splitting at least every other month.

5. Dry Curly Hair Treatment

Wavy hair that is too dry also requires extra attention. A good idea is to use non-foaming conditioner for washing instead of a regular shampoo.

6. Curly Hair Styling Tips

Want to make your hair look ideally smooth? Wet them well and treat with styling products, thus you will ensure fine texture and no frizzing.

7. How to Avoid Stubborn Hair Knots?

Straight hair doesn’t come out in knots as easily as wavy hair does. Fighting knots and tangled-up ends can be a wearisome business. Invest in a wide tooth comb, begin to comb at the very ends, spray the hair a little to keep them shiny and more manageable, and work your way to the roots.

8. Defining Wavy Hair Texture

There are types of wavy hair that yield better to drying with a diffuser attachment than to drying with air. For a smoother texture apply product on the hair and dry in a low heat mode to prevent damaging curls. When you’ve got it properly dry, give them light treatment with just a drop or three of oil to keep moisture fixed and deal with flyaways.

9. Trying a Braid

You’ve tried everything you can think of, but you are still not satisfied with the result? Make your hair into a braid, it will look good.

10. Keeping the Hairstyle

Going to take a shower protect your hair with a plastic cap to avoid getting it frizzy until the next wash.

4 Important Things to Avoid if You Have Curly Hair

  • Curly hair doesn’t take brushing gladly – the friction can break hairs and make them frizzy, weaken them and, finally, lead to hair loss. You would do well to comb your hair with your fingers in the shower with a little conditioner and deal with any tangles.
  • If you buy only products for wavy hair, look around – many products suit all kinds of hair and may actually be even better for waves and coils than special kinds.
  • It’s nice to touch and stroke curly hair, but too much touching is definitely bad. As the hair keeps getting friction, it becomes frizzier, so better leave it alone as much as you can.
  • Remember that curls are especially susceptible to alcohol, sulfates and salt, they get dry and develop crevices, so try to steer clear of such.

In summary…

The Best Tips For Styling Curly Hair

  1. Dry your hair the proper way
  2. Blow dry curly hair
  3. Moisturize your hair
  4. Get rid of split ends with haircuts
  5. Use non-foaming conditioner
  6. Wet well and treat with styling products
  7. Avoid stubborn hair knots
  8. Define your wavy hair texture
  9. Try a braid
  10. Use a plastic cap in the shower to keep your hairstyle

tips for styling curly hair

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  • juliana June 6, 2016, 1:39 pm

    drying the hair properly is vry imp..jst mke sure u dnt use too much heating 2prevent dryness

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    drying the hair properly & w/ special care is vry importnt

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    i always try 2avoid heating elements 4my hair 2 lessen d drying

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    i luv making me sum braids..esp when in a hurry

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    perfect 4my wavy hair..always luvd it this way against straight ones

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    nver used moisturizer 4 my im convinced 2 do so

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    make use of d best products, organic if possible

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    straight or curly hair..we ought to take care of em the best we can

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    dont go too harsh on ur hair. it needs just the right amount of tlc

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    im always on the go so i use blow dryers almost everyday.. this is a reminder to stop or just lessen the use of harmful products & dryer

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    thx 4 d reminder, ive always wanted 2 use organic stuff 4 my hair, guess w/ all these tips there’s really no need to

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    wide tooth combs r d best for any hair type i think

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    try to keep out of blow dryers and straightening irons for your hair

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    i use microfiber towels for my hair, theyre very effective & safe

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    just make sure ur using the best styling products

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    i get a haircut once every 2 mos & keeps splitting away.

  • savvy April 22, 2016, 3:02 am

    stay away from harsh chemicals

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    ur definitely right, try to leave ur hair as much as u can instead of over touching & over styling..

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    been watching diy braids on youtube lately.. really looks great on my baby girl too ;-)

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    Too much brushing doesn’t do good to the hair, wavy or straight.

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    For me, moisturizing my hair is no.1!

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