Reverse Sleep Apnea with Breathing Normalization: 100% Success Rate

Reverse Sleep Apnea with Breathing Normalization: 100% Success Rate

YouTube Video Review: Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally.

Buteyko Breathing practitioner, Volker Schmitz, talks with leading expert on the Buteyko Breathing method, Dr. ArtourRakhimov, about sleep apnea in relation to Buteyko Breathing methodologies.

Volker Schmitz asks Dr. Artour what causes sleep apnea and what sleep apnea sufferers can do to sleep better at night.

Dr. Artour dives right to the heart of sleep apnea sufferers anguish as he describes how sleep apnea sufferers lose carbon dioxide through hyperventilating while sleeping, resulting in breathing cessation for 5 to 7 seconds or more.

Stressed out nervous systems go into states of shock from not breathing for seconds at a time.

Dr. Artour says that “Paradoxically, what happens is that people don’t wake up so they don’t remember those episodes” of no breathing; however, “The main problem for people with sleep apnea will come when they are not able to get into deep stages of sleep.” Deep sleep is necessary for our memories, brain waves, and deep muscle relaxation.

Dr. Artour further explains how sleep apnea episodes can increase to 100 times per night, and that over time, sleep apnea sufferers can hold their breath for 20 to 30 seconds per episode.

Extreme sleep apnea conditions can result in mental fog, concentration difficulties, daytime drowsiness and dangers of falling asleep while driving.

Medical professionals turn to third generation sleep apnea breathing machines with smart technology to promote steady breathing while detecting breathing cessation, and then assisting by forcing air in when breathing stops.

The most technologically advanced machines can provide a score for the patient to review how well he or she slept throughout the night.

Dr. Artour explains to Volker Schmitz that sleep apnea patients initially experience an affinity to the breathing machines because sleep apnea sufferers experience relief from daytime drowsiness and begin feeling better from getting a good night’s sleep.

However, to be free of the sleep apnea machine, breathing retraining is necessary. How does one stop the cycle of using a sleep apnea breathing machine?

Once one achieves about 12 breaths per minute automatically throughout the night on his or her own, then the sleep apnea machine is no longer needed.

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Dr. Artour answers Volker Schmitz’s question about factors that contribute to sleep apnea such as being overweight and incorrect sleep positions. Dr. Artour points to the Buteyko Breathing technique, diy breathing device or Frolov device use, ketogenic diet implementation, and his website,, as tools to assist in automatic unconscious breathing retraining.

Volker Schmitz suggests consulting a Buteyko professional practitioner to learn how and when a nighttime mouth breathing deterrence such as mouth taping can be safely used by sleep apnea sufferers.

Dr. Artour concludes by saying once sleep apnea patients have increased their body oxygen levels and achieve 35-40 seconds for the morning control pause test, they are eventually able to wean themselves “off the machine.”

Many books written by Dr. ArtourRakhimov are available through It is easy to find Buteyko Breathing method professionals through an online search to assist in your journey to better health. However, only those who achieved normal breathing themselves 24/7 can assist with such advanced or complicated condition as asleep apnea.

For details of sleep apnea treatment see: Sleep apnea natural treatment. There are additional resources on pages of

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  • sheryl February 7, 2018, 3:14 pm

    my bf tells me i snore sometimes, i don’t know if it’s bad of he’s just making it up. but my dad used to have this, does that mean i can have it too?

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    i had this when i was younger. thanks to my parents, i have been treated and now it’s gone.

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    sleep apnea is often neglected but this is something serious that needs proper and urgent attention.

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    my dad had this and it was a struggle for my mom to sleep well at night too. good thing they sought medical help and everything’s fine now.

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    this is something that needs more attention. most of us do not even realize that the loud snores mean something else already

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