What's the #1 Thing Men Desire in a Woman?

What’s The #1 Thing Men Desire In A Woman?

When it comes “advice” on what men want these days you’ll hear all sorts of things: don’t be needy, look beautiful, be an amazing cook, show him what a great girlfriend or partner you’ll be, be a lady in the streets and a tigress in the sheets…

This is all great, but it’s not what captures a man’s heart and makes him feel that extra special feeling inside that makes him eagerly pursue you above all others…And makes him want to devote himself to you, mind, body and soul forever…

There’s actually a key ingredient that very few women know exists… if you have it, everything works and he’ll want to commit… If you don’t have it, nothing works and doing all the “right things” will actually make you appear desperate, insecure or even pitiful to men. Repelling them straight away.

Here’s what you need to know (that almost all women don’t know):

Many times when you think you’re doing everything right… you’re loving, cheerful, supportive, caring, play just the right amount of hard to get… and then, out of the blue he goes cold, disappears or dumps you without warning!

It can be really frustrating! And it’s really not your fault…

Women instinctually want to be loving caretakers… but that in itself is not enough to deeply capture a man’s heart. See, there’s an ingredient in any relationship where men must feel a certain way in order to want to pursue you, keep chasing you and ultimately devote themselves to you…

If you don’t have that special ingredient and he feels like you’re trying to get him into a relationship, 90% of the time his male defenses get activated.

He won’t consciously realize it, but his instincts will tell him that you are not “the one” he’s meant to be with, and he will feel an overwhelming urge to push for his “freedom”, “independence” and avoid connecting with you on an emotional level at all costs.

He will unconsciously start to feel like he’s under attack, which will put his guard up, causing him to emotionally withdraw, go cold and kill any chances for love to take hold in the relationship.

This is why when you want love the most, you unknowingly sabotage your chances with the man you really want, and before you know it, you find yourself desperately chasing his love. Or worrying that he’s not fully invested in the relationship.

On the other hand, if a man sees you as “the one”, then everything works in your favor and he ends up chasing you. Instead of seeing you as a woman who is trying to “lock him down” and trap him, he sees you as his other half. The part of him that he’s been missing his whole life.

A switch must be flipped on in a man’s mind in order for him to desire you and want to commit to you.

This switch in a man’s mind is called “The Soul Mate Switch”

When he sees you as “the one”, his “soul mate”, instead of worrying about having his “freedom”, he’ll feel like his life would be empty and meaningless without you.

Instead of him wondering if he’s settling or if he could do better, he’ll know with total certainty that his search is finally over. That he’s finally complete.

I’m about to share an exciting new psychological breakthrough that makes a man see you as “The One” he’s meant to be with forever. And once you know it, you’ll be able to flip the “Soul Mate Switch” in his mind, making him see you as “the one” and capturing his heart forever.

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