The 12 Best Face Washes and Facial Cleansers

The 12 Best Face Washes and Facial Cleansers

Finding the best cleanser can be a fiasco or a beautiful, heart awakening, mind blowing experience. Okay, maybe not a mind blowing heart awakening experience, but a good one nonetheless.

If you end up using the wrong cleanser, you can end up with breakouts, drier skin (or on the flip side, skin that gets more oily because you didn’t cleanse it properly). And if you do wind up with dry skin, here are some of the best face moisturizers.

Out of all the cleansers that exist, these are some of the best.


Cetaphil for Normal to Oily Skin, $6.99

This is simply a classic staple in skin care. It’s basic but beautifully simple. It’s not going to clog your pores or break you out. This is trustable and you can always rely on it to clean your skin. And it’s extremely affordable.

Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover & Cleanser, $8.99

This is an extremely gentle yet effective makeup remover. Yes, it can even get rid of waterproof mascara. (Perfect for getting rid of one of my favorite eyeliners.)

It isn’t going to dry out your skin. It doesn’t require any kind of intense rubbing. It’s an extremely convenient and refreshing makeup removing cleanser, which is going to get rid of any kind of dirt and oil threatening to clog up your pores and cause breakouts.

What this contains is something called “micellar technology”, According to Garnier, “like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean and refreshed without over-drying”.

The bottom line is this is an affordable, gentle and effective cleansing solution to remove makeup.

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Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser, $8.48

This is a very refreshing facial cleanser, which contains pineapple and papaya enzymes, which will make your skin glow more and brighten your complexion.

In addition, this contains aloe, hibiscus and passion flower, which will make your skin feel more balanced.

It’s hypo-allergenic and does not contain any Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors or Phthalates.

Natura Bissé Oxygen Mousse Fresh Foaming Cleanser, $48

I love this cleanser so much. Natura Bissé’s entire oxygen line is amazing. This one is going to brighten your complexion and isn’t going to be too harsh or strip your skin of its essential oils.

I would say this cleanser works well for normal to combination and even oily skin. I would even say it works well for dry skin but you would definitely need a moisturizer.

According to Natura Bissé, this “Contains mushroom extract, with a gentle astringent effect and lasting hydrating action. Regular use visibly reduces pore size”.

Honestly, I am not 100% sure that it’s going to do all this but it certainly does improve your complexion somewhat, at least, according to multiple people (different people on different days) when I was at one of my favorite beauty product stores.

However, I don’t know if it’s worth the steep price, so I would really only go for it if you have the money to spare.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser, $14.99

This is a classic favorite for me. I used this face wash years ago and have tried a billion (not literally but still) since then.

I was thinking about face wash the other day (yes, I do this in my spare time, that’s how normal I am!) and I remembered this refreshing little gem of a face wash. It just makes your skin feel clean.

I don’t know how to explain it… it’s simply delightful. It’s ideal for oily skin, combination skin, as well as sensitive/acne prone skin (unless your skin is very dry; if so, this one isn’t for you).

The one con is I actually used this recently with my clarisonic and it made my skin drier than normal. So use this one with caution if you have dry skin and if you notice you do get dry skin from this one lay off it for a while.

Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser, $5.99

Just like its name suggests, this face wash is unfairly refreshing. That’s something I always look for in a cleanser. I hate feeling weighed down and greasy.

I love feeling satisfied after my face is all washed and clean. This facial cleanser does just that.

And for the price? It’s a must have. I would say it’s ideal for oily, combination and normal skin types. Oh, and it smells sooo good.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, $20

I highly, highly recommend buying this cleanser. It’s extremely perfect in every single way.

In fact, I do not have one bad thing to say about it. It contains avocado oil and vitamin E both amazing ingredients for your skin. Vitamin E is known to improve skin tone and get rid of scars and hyperpigmentation.

This is the right balance between hydration and cleansing. It’s ideal for all skin types. It is not going to dry out your skin. Why? In part because of its pH-balancing effect, which is necessary to ensure that your skin is not stripped of its natural oils.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, $24

This is an extremely refreshing facial cleanser that I really like a lot. It’s considered to be a two-in-one oil-free exfoliating face wash for pretty much all kinds of skin across the board.

The ingredients it contains are excellent as well, ranging from rose hip extract, milk thistle, passion flower and chamomile. Chamomile is known as a calming agent.

This is going to remove makeup well in addition to providing gentle, bonus exfoliation. The only skin type I might recommend not use it is very acne prone skin. Other than that, you’re good to go!

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, $12.99

This is great for normal, combination and oily skin. It’s a classic brand that delivers simple, non-clogging facial cleansing.

This cleanser is even gentle enough for sensitive skin. This will remove all your makeup and is not going to clog up your pores or lead to any type of breakouts. And it has a really convenient pump.

It’s also reasonably priced but is as good as more expensive cleansers, which is why you should get it.

Shiseido pureness Deep Cleansing Foam, $22.50

This amazing cleanser is going to help fight against oily-ness and is going to give your skin a refreshing yet gentle cleanse.

It contains gentle exfoliating granules, which are going to ensure that your pores will become unclogged, your skin will glow and you will banish all oil and acne-causing environmental contaminants that could annoy your skin.

It feels amazing on your skin. It’s best for those with oily skin or sensitive skin prone to breakouts.

SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser, $34

This trusted cleanser is ideal for most skin types. The only skin type I might exercise caution with is if you have acne prone skin.

All other skin types, though, this will be a great option for you. It is a light gel cleanser specifically created with a pH close to the pH of your skin (note: this is a good thing to watch out for, I know you might not have any idea of what pH is when it comes to skin but it’s something you want. I can explain the science behind it but to keep things simple I won’t. If you’re curious, though, feel free to leave a comment and ask and I’ll be happy to explain all the fun science!) Anyway. This is going to leave your skin clean and feeling “fresh”, but it won’t feel like someone stole all the moisture from your soul (I mean, skin).

And an added bonus, this contains glycolic acid, an ultra amazing skin brightener and natural face exfoliator.

Laura Mercier ‘Flawless Skin’ Oil-Free Foaming One-Step Cleanser, $35

So I am actually kind of obsessed with Laura Mercier’s skin care. Love. Love. This cleanser just feels so refreshing and fresh. I can’t describe it, it’s just a lovely nice feeling when you put it on your face. It’s clean and gets the job done. It’s ideal for removing all kind of makeup (even eye makeup) but it’s not going to go too far and strip your skin of its essential oils. This is also going to work to balance the pH level of your skin, which is essential for a healthy complexion. Laura Mercier also has an amazing exfoliator (seriously) that I’m obsessed with.

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In summary…

These Are The 12 Best Face Washes And Facial Cleansers

  1. Cetaphil for normal to oily skin
  2. Micellar cleansing water all-in-1 waterproof makeup remover & cleanser
  3. Alba Botanica Hawaiian facial cleanser
  4. Natura Bissé Oxygen mousse fresh foaming cleanser
  5. La Roche Posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel cleanser
  6. Olay Active Botanicals refreshing gel cleanser
  7. Kiehl’s Ultra facial cleanser
  8. Bliss fabulous foaming face wash
  9. CeraVe foaming facial cleanser
  10. Shiseido pureness deep cleansing foam
  11. SkinCeuticals purifying cleanser
  12. Laura Mercier ‘Flawless Skin’ oil-free foaming one-step cleanser


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