The 15 Best Face Moisturizers: Infographic

It can be difficult to find the best moisturizer for your skin—especially in a world of gimmicks, advertisements and a bunch of products being marketed that are supposed to help you when in reality they do nothing (or worse, break you out and worsen your skin’s condition).

I have to say: everyone is different. The type of skin you have is directly related to the kind of moisturizer that’s best for your skin.

That’s why you need to know the best one specifically tailored to your skin type.

This infographic provides specific recommendations for: dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, acne prone/sensitive skin and aging skin.

It is particularly important to find the right moisturizer when dealing with acne prone, sensitive skin because certain ingredients, while they might seem promising and like they should be helpful will actually end up worsening the condition of your skin.

When it comes to aging skin, the right moisturizer is going to help in reducing fine lines and wading off more wrinkles for longer than if you did not use the moisturizer.

Granted, no moisturizer is going to make wrinkles disappear. This is a myth not rooted in reality.

But the right one will help improve the general elasticity and possibly even boost collagen production of your skin, which will add a more youthful appearance.

For combination skin, you need to be using a moisturizer that strikes the ideal balance between heavy and light—cream or moisturizer that’s too heavy has the danger of giving you a greasy, oily appearance.

For oily skin, you are in a situation where you want to lean more toward gel moisturizers. These are a lot less likely to cause any increased oiliness.

Granted, if you have oily skin, your skin will not magically become “un-oily” because you use a moisturizer.

Sure, some products are mattifying, but the point of using a moisturizer is: if you are afraid to use one because you have oily skin and think it’ll make it greasier, it won’t: by not using any moisturizer your skin might actually end up increasing its production of oil because even oily skin needs some kind of hydration.

As for dry skin you’re going to need a more heavy-duty moisturizer to soothe and hydrate your dehydrated skin.

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