5 Types Of Girls Every Man Should Date (At Least Once)

5 Types Of Girls Every Man Should Date (At Least Once)

It’s a tough world out there. Dating has become so hard these days. Everything has fallen out of place. In modern dating, it’s not so easy to find someone compatible to be with. Usually, everyone lies and pretends to be something they are not. So even when you meet someone, you can’t know for sure what they are like. You only get to see their true selves after some time and of course, you get disappointed.

From the men’s point of view, here are some types of women they have dated in their long dating careers and which they consider every man should date at least once in his lifetime:

1. The Shy girl

Dating a shy girl will be the best thing you’ve done in your life. They are trustworthy and they pay a lot of attention to details. She will remember everything you’ve said to her and she’ll use it later on to surprise you. She is selfless and she understands you like no one ever did. She knows when you need your space and she’ll give it to you, no questions asked. She’ll commit to you because she cares and her love is honest and everlasting. And the bottom line and most perfect thing about dating a shy girl is that she stays true to herself and she never pretends to be something she is not.

2. The Playgirl

She is beautiful, smart and funny. She knows her worth and she knows she has the power to ‘play’ with men. She has a lot of male friends and she knows exactly how to ‘control’ them. She is very hot and cold and you’re never sure whether she is going to stay or not. The good thing is that you are going to be a total big shot if you date her, but the bad thing is that she can break your heart anytime. At least, you’ll learn a valuable lesson. That’s why you have to date her at least once.

3. The Hippie Girl

Dating a hippie girl will teach you not to play by the rules because she doesn’t either. She does whatever she feels like doing and if it’s not by the book, so what? The word ‘hate’ is not in her vocabulary and every time there is a misunderstanding with someone, she will do her best to smooth things out and turn it around to love and not war. She is very spontaneous and she screams adventure. You’ll never be bored around her. She is very down-to-earth, but there is one thing she can’t tolerate and that is jealousy. If you want to date her, you have to be somewhat like her and the most important thing: you have to trust her.

4. The Sporty Girl

She leads a healthy life. She exercises and she eats right. She cares about her body because she is driven by the thought that if her body is healthy, so is her mind. If you date a sporty girl, you’ll change your diet and you’ll start exercising more. This will benefit your health. At least, she will make you look and feel better. That’s why you definitely have to try dating a sporty girl at least once and if you don’t like it, you can say that you tried.

5. The Nerdy Girl

She doesn’t care about trivial things such as fashion and stuff like that. This doesn’t have to be totally true as she is not the stereotype that you see in sitcoms. It’s just that she doesn’t care that much about fashion. Instead of going to the mall, she would rather spend her free time reading a book or researching something she is interested in. She always has all the answers. Now, the good side is that you’ll learn a lot from her and she will make you better informed, but the downside is that sometimes these girls, and these people in general, don’t know where to draw the line. So, some of them sometimes come across as know-it-alls.

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