Breakfast Superfood: The Health Benefits Of Eggs

Breakfast Superfood: The Health Benefits Of Eggs

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. If you want to get in shape and have a strong lean body you need to start your day off with eggs.

The egg is one of nature’s most versatile foods available and plays a critical role in the muscle building and dieting process.

They contain great amounts of protein, vitamins, health fats and minerals and are low in calories and fat.

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Furthermore, eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways to ensure that you can get great taste in each meal.

The Main Health Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs are a great choice for a healthy breakfast to keep you going strong throughout the day. Just in the egg white you’ll find lots of high quality protein, along with vital nutrients for your body like B12, zinc, copper, iron, and vitamin D and B6. The yolk has even more great stuff for your body including lots of critical vitamins and good fats. Remember to choose organic cage free eggs, both for the added nutritional value and the great taste!

health benefits of eggs

What’s in the egg?

Each large egg contains about 80 calories and 6 grams of high quality protein. The egg white contains high amounts of protein along with vitamins selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and is rich in iron, copper and zinc.

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The egg yolk (yellow part) contains roughly 5g of fat and is a source of cholesterol, and important fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

Yes, there is fat in the egg. But do not worry. The white part of the egg contains no fat. Although the egg yolk contains 5 grams of fat, it is only a small proportion that is saturated fat (“bad fat”) – about 1.6 grams.

What’s the deal with egg yolk and cholesterol?

For years you may have heard talk about eggs containing cholesterol which may mean you should avoid them. People with high cholesterol can eat eggs.

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There is “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Eggs contain plenty of the good cholesterol that you need for important cell functions. However, it is saturated fat, not dietary cholesterol that greatly influences the blood cholesterol levels.

So if you consume a lot of saturated fat then can get higher cholesterol putting you at risk for heart disease.

So calm down! You do not need to fear ingesting 1.6g of saturated fat from a single egg yolk. You can eat that egg.

If you cut the yolk you lose out on the benefits of the egg since the yolk contains 80% of the overall vitamins and minerals!Relax. The benefits outweigh the harm since the amount of saturated fat is so low in a single egg yolk.

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How to Pick Your Egg

Picking an egg should not be too complicated. You will want to choose organic free range eggs because they are naturally made without any alterations to the chicken themselves.

Furthermore, inspect the egg carton to ensure all the eggs are intact and not broken.

If you choose to purchase eggs with omega-3 fatty acids, eat them sooner so that the oils do not spoil. Try to buy in a bulk to save money.

Stay Safe with Your Egg Consumption

Eggs if improperly cooked will put you at high risk for Salmonella food poisoning. Symptoms of salmonellosis include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps which typically occur 12 to 72 hours after infection, and the illness lasts 4 to 7 days.

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While the symptoms resolve typically on their own, if the diarrhea is severe enough it can lead to dehydration and hospitalization.

In order to avoid getting salmonellosis make sure you cook your eggs so that they are well cooked at a high temperature. If you have an egg allergy avoid any egg products and discuss it with your primary care physician.

Benefits for Your Heart and Bones

Eggs play a key role in keeping your heart healthy since they reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and improve your heart function.

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Eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can also lower blood triglycerides and lower overall cholesterol levels.

By lowering blood triglyceride levels this decreases the risk of someone developing heart disease. Eggs can also reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome in adults over the age of 40.

Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed when one has 3 of the 5 criteria: abdominal (central) obesity, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), elevated fasting plasma glucose (risk for diabetes), high serum triglycerides, or low high-density lipoprotein (hdl) levels.

Vitamin D is in eggs as well which plays a strong role in multiple biological processes. Vitamin D maintains the health of bones and teeth, and supports the immune system.

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It also plays a prominent role in regulating insulin levels and aids in diabetes management. Vitamin D also reduces depression, and boosts weight loss.

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How to Eat your Eggs

Let’s face it. When you are eating eggs every day you want to ensure you do not get bored of the taste.

You can try eating chicken eggs, duck eggs or even quail eggs to mix up the taste. But you still need some recipes to keep it interesting. Here are my top 10 ways to eat my eggs

Scrambled Eggs – If you can eat this every day that is impressive. However, if you get bored (and you probably will), then try the other recipes below.

The Omelet – This is an easy one to do. Just make a regular fried egg and throw in a healthy mix of vegetables to add in some healthy vitamins and minerals.

Microwave Eggs – Yes. I do this. When I am in a rush I throw in the eggs into a microwave and it is easy to cook in 1 minute flat! If you have cut up some peppers the night before, throw it in the cup so you can eat it as an omelet

Sunny Side Up –If you don’t like to make fried eggs try this mix!

Benedict Arnold – If you got more time on the weekends then try this recipe!

Egg Muffin – You do not need to go to McDonald’s anymore. Here’s a recipe we use to enjoy this delicious meal at home. Relive your childhood!

Egg Pizza – Yes, you can enjoy pizza and keep it healthy!

Egg Frittata – This is a great brunch or a quick weeknight dinner

Hard Boiled Eggs – When you want to make it simple and eat on the go

Crisp Parmesan Omelet – Mix up how long you cook it for to make it crispier

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