18 Simple Diet Tricks Getting You a Beach Body You Want

18 Simple Diet Tricks Getting You a Beach Body You Want

It’s high time to think in terms of a beach body! Most of us, no matter how careful we have been, would still like to drop an additional couple of pounds. A healthy diet and workouts will do you fine, yet it won’t hurt to employ a few more tricks for that great look.

Well, diet comes first, and we have some extra ideas for you – though some of them may sound a bit weird.

1. Sniff!

What about sniffing as a part of diet? Try sniffing some fruit or peppermint. Don’t smile, it does the trick! A study from some Chicago boffins says sniffing gets hunger down, and people start losing weight. It seems when you sniff, your brain begins to think you are eating, and you can drop up to 30 plus pounds this way.

2. Keep your photo out of shape handy

Before you embark on a diet, take a pic of yourself in underwear. When you feel like stuffing yourself with goodies, get the photo out and take a look at it – many women find it a potent putting-off measure.

3. Make a pause

When you feel hunger rising, wait for 10 – 15 minutes and see if hunger is still there. Sometimes the wish to eat is dictated by mere boredom or irritability. When you catch yourself out on this a few times, you will see for yourself that you don’t really need to snack when you think you do. Alternatively, drinking a glass of water makes you forget about those cravings for at least 30 minutes.

4. Think slim on weekends

The desire to get off the wagon usually hits hardest starting from Friday night when you feel wonderfully free and can let yourself go on calories to celebrate. If you are prone to that, plan a workout for Friday evening – and invite your friends to join! On the other hand, maybe you are inclined to fall over your dinner on Saturdays, if this is the case, make Saturday your slimming day. You’ve had your workout and you have burned calories, so if you want to indulge you can allow yourself to. But keeping your hard workout in mind will make you avoid eating unhealthy stuff.

5. Clean your teeth after dinner

As soon as you have eaten the last meal of the day, go and brush your teeth. Show yourself that you don’t intend to eat anything else tonight.

6. Set small everyday goals

Take it on a day-by-day basis. You are sitting at a meal – take a couple of bites less. Omit your accustomed glass of juice, cut down on one snack. This way you can easily escape getting some 100 calories each day, and eventually two or three pounds that are added inconspicuously by many women.

7. Get your tight jeans out

If you need some more support, go about in tight clothes which will remind you not to overeat at lunch.

8. Tea over carbonated drinks

Save your belly from swelling out unduly by drinking tea instead of carbonated drinks. A special type of tea to definitely prevent filling out is prepared by grating a modicum of ginger into hot water (it provides for a soothing effect digestion-wise), squeeze in some lemon juice, and you’re there. Another healthy diuretic drink can be made by steeping several grams of dried dandelion leaves in a cupful of hot water and straining. When the water cools down a bit, your slimming drink is ready. Anti-gas homemade drinks can also be prepared with chamomile and peppermint.

9. After dinner smells

When you have tucked your dinner in, light a candle with vanilla scent. The aroma is reputed to help put you off your dessert. A study showed a 4-5-pound loss of weight in a group of over 100 volunteers who wore vanilla scent on them.

10. Check your playlist for energy

Look around for new excellent music to renew your playlists; choose tracks that drive you to move and walk, full of beat and groove to go along with your cardiac rhythm.

11. Barbecue safety measures

You won’t want to spend your summer without attending all those burger and barbecue parties in back yards, and this is where you have to look out for your waistline. Steer clear of bacon and cheese and rely on avocado, vitamins and monounsaturated fats food to make your day, with some additional flavors for a change – and you will do without some 100 extra calories.

12. Bright light and soft music

Low lights in restaurants make for a romantic atmosphere, but what they also do is bring down the defenses: you begin to eat unreservedly.
So, turn up the lights when you sit down at the table, and play soft music – it will put you into a leisurely mood and preclude hurried, mindless, stress-induced eating.

13. Place a mirror near the table for you to see yourself eating

There was a study revealing that seeing yourself eating in the mirror can make people eat less – almost by one-third! Probably when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the glass you somehow remind yourself of your goals and your desire to keep your figure in shape. Those who are in the habit of eating quickly and mindlessly find it difficult to do so when they can see themselves. So, it’s a useful way of conversing with your inner self at the time you need it!

14. Turn your back on chips

While spicing up your meals can work up your metabolism (spices contain capsaicin, usually found in chile peppers, that provides for this effect), you can nullify the good work if you indulge in salsa and chips when you get home from work in the evenings. Hey, you want to get slimmer, don’t you? If you do it by replacing potato chips with corn tortilla chips, you are not trying well enough, for they carry 140 calories an ounce, and you know that you will keep on at it until the open bag gets empty! Now you want to enjoy that crunchy sensation without that much fat and so many calories, here’s vegetables that are crispy – carrots, red pepper, endive leaves which are especially chewy if dipped in hummus. Delight can be safe for your waistline!

15. A French tie-up

A good incentive to avoid overeating with French women is to tie a ribbon around the middle section under their clothes when they go out and are afraid of

forgetting themselves. The ribbon makes a good reminder of their waist, especially when it suddenly begins to embrace them tighter!

16. Get the right color scheme

Restaurant owners know well what colors play up – and down – appetite. Brighter colors like red, orange, and yellow were found to stimulate eating, as emerged from a study, whereas blue tends to blunt appetite. Research reveals that people are apt to eat less in a blue room by as much as 33%; bathed in bluish lights, food looks not so appealing. So consider investing in a blue tablecloth, decorate your kitchen in blue and purchase blue kitchenware.

17. Serve mindfully

When you serve a dish, take it away to the stove as soon as everybody’s plates are full, don’t leave it on the table to tempt you into a second helping – you will add about 10% to your intake. When you pack snacks, choose single-serving bags and small containers: a large one will increase the intake up to 60% and more.

18. Treat yourself to sweets in the morning

As a study conducted at Tel Aviv University Medical Center shows, those who take a hearty breakfast topped with something sweet tend to lose more by 27 pounds compared to people who eat low-carb food at breakfast (with an equal amount of calories). Good news for the sweet-toothed!

In summary…

The Best Diet Tricks For A Beach Body

  1. Sniff!
  2. Keep your photo out of shape handy
  3. Make a pause
  4. Think slim on weekends
  5. Clean your teeth after dinner
  6. Set small everyday goals
  7. Get your tight jeans out
  8. Tea over carbonated drinks
  9. After dinner smells
  10. Check your playlist for energy
  11. Barbecue safety measures
  12. Bright light and soft music
  13. Place a mirror near the table for you to see yourself eating
  14. Turn your back on chips
  15. A French tie-up
  16. Get the right color scheme
  17. Serve mindfully
  18. Treat yourself to sweets in the morning

diet tricks for a beach body

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