44 Deep Questions to Ask if You Really Want to Get To Know Someone!

44 Deep Questions to Ask if You Really Want to Get To Know Someone!

Getting to know someone on a more personal level can be a tricky task. Not everyone wants to open up and getting certain people to talk will be more difficult than others.

Therefore, to really get to know someone, it is very important to ask the right questions to not only get someone to open up but get them to answer honestly.

While answering these kinds of questions might be uncomfortable, it’s possible to ask them in a way so you don’t make the person shut down and emotionally withdraw.

As mentioned above, the most important thing is that you elicit a completely honest response.

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Asking these questions can bring out some serious emotions so ask wisely. If you’re looking for some easy going banter these questions may not be the right ones to ask! After asking these questions you should know each other on much deeper, more profound level.

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Here are some topics I came up with that should really help in elevating your conversation and get you to know someone much better!

1. How many times have you felt so hopeless you wanted to give up on life?

2. Have you ever had any serious trouble with the law?

3. Have you or anyone you’ve known struggled with an addiction to substance?

4. What’s your biggest fear in life?

5. What’s your biggest regret?

6. What’s the most important thing that happened to you in your childhood?

7. Have you ever hated someone or something?

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8. Do you think one day technology will be so advanced we may live forever?

9. Do you think humans will ever know the real reason behind existence?

10. Do you think be conscious is a blessing or a curse?

11. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

12. What do you think finding life other than ours in the universe will do to change our society?

13. In the future could you ever see an Orwellian universe controlled under a new world order being played out?

14. Do you think one day the earth will reach its maximum population causing the destruction of humanity?

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15. Would you ever feel justified in killing someone?

16. Have you ever felt so passionately about something you would die for it?

17. Have you ever almost died before?

18. Have you ever had a close family member or a friend pass away?

19. How long do you think you’ll be remembered after your death?

20. Do you believe in life after death?

21. Do you believe good people will be ultimately rewarded for their charity and sacrifices?

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22. Do you believe in any sort of god?

23. Are you religious?

24. In what ways do you measure the value of your life?

25. Do you think that some life has more value than others?

26. What is your final goal in life?

27. What do you think the point of life is?

28. Do you take anything for granted?

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29. If you created a miracle cure would you sell it and become a billionaire or give to people for free?

30. Do you believe that true evil exists?

31. Do you believe in fate or destiny?

32. On the whole, do you find life to be fair?

33. How important do you think our lives are when we know we are such a miniscule component of the entire known universe?

34. If you had one day left to live what would you do?

35. Are you afraid of a possible forthcoming apocalypse or world war three happening in your lifetime?

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36. Do you think it’s possible we are living in a virtual world like the one Elon Musk believes?

37. Have you ever felt totally alone?

38. What’s the saddest moment of your life?

39. Why are some people perfect for each other, and why are some people so toxic for each other?

40. Would you take care of your parents when you get older or would you send them to an old folks’ home?

41. Is poverty something that is innate within society or can it be solved?

42. What is the purpose of pain?

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43. What is the most unnerving thing to you going on in the world today?

44. Have you ever been depressed?

Just remember to take it slow, and tread softly. It’s amazing to have someone you can totally trust and be candid with, so getting used to answering questions like these comfortably can be a major benefit to any relationship.

Being judgmental is the worst possible thing you can be! Even if some answers surprise you or sound ridiculous, which they may, just remember to stay cool. We don’t want to make the other person get defensive or feel like they are being questioned in a negative way.

Being a great listener is imperative as well. We are only comfortable opening up when we feel the other person is genuinely listening to us and giving us cohesive answers that show they understood exactly what we said. We are all humans and we are all different and all make mistakes. No one is perfect!

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Just remember. Be sure to let the conversations flow naturally, be honest, pay attention, and make it a safe environment. Deep questions can only strengthen your connection and are something that must be incorporated into any serious relationship!

After these questions you’ll have a much clearer picture of the person you are talking to.

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