Exactly How to Know When Someone Likes You

13 Signs He’s In Love With You & How To Tell He Thinks You’re The One

So you’re crushing on a guy (or maybe you’ve been with him a while) and you’re starting to wonder if he feels the same. Does he like you on that same deep level?

You torture yourself searching for signs he’s the one. But do you know how to tell if he thinks you’re the one?

I’m going to uncover the “super signs” he’s in love with you and sees you as “the one.”

When you don’t know these signs, you might be wasting your time on a guy who might enjoy you for now, but doesn’t see you as “the one” and already knows he won’t be around for the long term.

On the flip side, when you understand what to look for and how to know if he is the one, you end up attracting a guy who prioritizes you and puts you first. You’ll know what really matters when it comes to the kind of relationship that will turn into something real and long-term. This way, you don’t waste your time on dead-end relationships that will only end in heartbreak.

In fact, I’m even going to share the ultimate sign that reveals he sees you as the one. This will show you he’s committed, ready to be serious, and wants to love you forever.

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#1: He Goes Out Of His Way To Talk To You

When a guy sees you as special and someone he’s attracted to, he’s going to go out of his way to talk to you as much as he can. He’ll initiate conversations and find ways to insert himself so that he can interact with you, even better if he can get that one-on-one time with you outside of a group setting.

#2: He Comforts You

He can tell when you’re in a bad mood or having an off day and he does his best to make it better. Maybe he tells a joke to lighten the mood or make you laugh. No matter what, he’s doing what he can to make you feel better and may even act a little protective over you.

If he sees that you’re truly upset, he’ll want to find a solution and fix things for you. The need to fix problems just comes naturally to guys. So, if he sees you upset, he’s going to do something about it.

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#3: He introduces you to his friends and family

This is a big, massive, blinking sign to pay attention to that he sees you as the one!

He introduces you to his friends and family. Let me tell you, men who are
not serious about a woman or think she could be the one, do not bother bringing her around to meet friends and family. They simply see it as a waste of time because they don’t see you in their life long-term so what’s the point?

Therefore, it’s a very good sign if he’s introducing you to the people closest to him in life and even showing you off. This is a great opportunity to look for signs he told his friends about you. If they say they’ve been waiting to meet the “mystery woman” or that they’ve heard great things about you.

#4: He Asks You Personal Questions

A guy who is invested in you will take the time to ask you questions and get to know you on a deeper level. He’s naturally curious about you and pursues that interest by asking questions to learn all about you.

He’s interested and motivated to discover more by digging deeper. He’ll ask you questions about your family, your past, your likes and dislikes, what motivates you, what makes you happy. Anything and everything to discover more about you as a person.

#5: He Is Present When You Spend Time Together

This means that he is giving you his full attention. Not half. Not a portion. Full attention. He’s not playing on his phone, distracted, replying to messages, having a convo with other people.

You can tell he’s into you when he’s making eye contact, sustaining the conversation, and it’s almost like wild horses couldn’t pull away his attention. He wants to be there.

#6: He Asks How You Are

This is one of those good signs that you are on his mind. He actually cares and is considerate enough to ask. Keep in mind, this only matters if he pays attention to the answer.

When he shows true interest and listens to your answer instead of asking “how are you?” simply because it’s socially ingrained in people to do so, you can feel that it’s genuine.

#7: He’s Vulnerable With You

This is a big one. If a guy shares personal things about himself, especially if he hasn’t told anyone else, it’s a major indicator that he sees you as the one. He’s sharing a vulnerable part of himself and trusting you with that.

Men simply don’t show their emotions as much or as deeply as women do. So when a guy tells you personal things about himself, it’s a big deal to him. He doesn’t open up and share with just anyone. It means you’re special to him in a deep way.

#8: He Laughs When He’s Around You

This is another situation where you can tell when he’s being genuine and you’ll know he’s laughing because he’s truly having a good time and enjoys being around you. He feels like he can be himself around you and open up.

#9: Your Conversations Flow Naturally

Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone you just didn’t connect with and it was hard to find something to say? It’s just not a compatible situation and it happens to everyone.

So it’s a good sign when you have lots to talk about and you feel like the conversation can just keep going and going. When you bond with someone, the conversation will just flow without the long awkward silences.

#10: He Compliments You

When a guy says you are amazing, what does it mean? It’s a compliment and he wants you to know how he feels about you. He likes things about you and isn’t afraid to say so!

When a guy says you’re beautiful, perfect, the best, etc., it’s because he sees you as someone special and wants you to know.

#11: He Tries To Make You Happy

Men really enjoy making the woman they love happy. They’ll do everything in their power to put a smile on your face and put you in a good mood because they love your energy and want to give that to you.

This can be anything from complimenting you to bringing you your favorite candy or taking you to a theme park you always talked about visiting. He’s doing what he can to be a source of happiness in your life.

#12: He Pays Attention To Details About You

Have you said something casually or in passing that he remembers and brings up later? This is one of the signs he thinks about you all the time.

Even better if it’s not something you said and instead something he simply noticed. He’s paying attention to things you might not even think he would notice or see.

#13: He Is Clear About His Future (And You Are In It)

This covers things like him talking about kids or having plans about where he envisions himself being in life and you are clearly a part of that vision.

Now, one thing to note is that if he does this very early on in a relationship, it isn’t necessarily a sign he sees you as the one.

He might just be caught up and getting carried away in feeling infatuation with you. This is innocent enough if you can tell he’s just getting ahead of himself because he might not be experienced with love.

Or he could be saying this stuff as a way to manipulate and seduce you. While this scenario is generally rare, it can and does happen from time to time. Just be aware of men who seem super-smooth talking about a big future waaaaay too soon.

Hopefully you don’t come across this but it’s something to be aware of if everything he’s talking about sounds too good to be true (it almost always is!)

Getting back to business, this is really the ultimate sign when you and your guy have been together for a while and this kind of talk starts coming naturally from him.

When you’ve had an established relationship for a long time and he starts talking about having kids, living together or moving together, starting a new chapter in life together. Whatever it is he’s seeing as his future, you are clearly a part of that (and that’s coming from him, not you sneaking yourself into the picture).

That’s when you can consider it an ultimate sign and know in your heart how to tell if he thinks you’re the one.

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In summary…

Signs He’s In Love With You And Thinks You’re The One

  1. He Goes Out Of His Way To Talk To You
  2. He Comforts You
  3. He introduces you to his friends and family
  4. He Asks You Personal Questions
  5. He Is Present When You Spend Time Together
  6. He Asks How You Are
  7. He’s Vulnerable With You
  8. He Laughs When He’s Around You
  9. Your Conversations Flow Naturally
  10. He Compliments You
  11. He Tries To Make You Happy
  12. He Pays Attention To Details About You
  13. He Is Clear About His Future, And You Are In It
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