Do You Trust Him?

Quiz: Do You Trust Him?

Trust is the most important piece of a relationship. Without trust, a relationship can’t stand.

But in reality, it’s hard to trust someone completely.

So do you trust him? Or not?

Find out now…

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  • Tammy October 18, 2019, 1:53 am

    I’ve been with this man for 11 years and he lives with his mother he said he wouldn’t live with me or marriage in tell she is gone he bought me a engagement ring said he would marry me some day his brother and his wife comes to see the family and they look at each other sexley steering constant public. And he treats me awfully I hurt so bad he makes exscues to be with me he bought a house wants me to live in it by my self in tell his mother is passed away.

  • Mariam July 8, 2018, 3:32 am

    Me and my boyfriend were in a relationship for about 1 year , firstly he was very carrying and romantic but he was travelling for work when he came back to our country we met about 10 times within about 7 months , I felt first that he is loving me , but lately he lost interest somehow , and he told his family about me but they werent accepting our marriage bec. I am divorced and having a child ( and for us in arab countries the family should be accepting the marriage ) and at least knowing about this issue . But he was in a struggle bet. Me and them , he told me to get married without their knowledge but I felt that I will be as a ghost for them , and they won’t be knowing anything about me , which was very hard to me .
    2 weeks ago he lied to me telling me that he is travelling to another city to see his brother to run away from a date with me although we were deciding , he called just before our date by one hour and apologized that he can’t go with me some reasons, I told him ok , but I couldnt believe . After checking on the seasons which weren’t logical I diverted that he was lying and he didnt
    Second day I went to his work place calmly and and found him as he lied about travelling . I faced him and told him that I discovered that he v is lying to me .
    I told him that you are a liar and dint egg Thu see you again.
    He sent to me a message for the times but i didnt reply same day and next morning .
    But he wasnt appologising , just normal messages . Its his way always for ranning away from facing problems .
    When he found that I didn’t reply to his messages he blocked me on what’s app and face book
    I decided to start the no contact period . Till now we didn’t contact for 10 days
    Please help me what to do
    I am so desperate
    How could every situation he does a mistake wants me not to blame him our feel upset and he wouldn’t say sorry ir even tell me something that I could forgive him with

  • Asya morrison October 28, 2016, 12:53 am

    Is it worth it if he is lying and covering up things or people he involved with. How much more do I allow before I just cut all ties with him untill I can clear my head with things I just dont know what to do lately. Is this worth my time or or my life in shanbles because he is apart of the whole non sense and doesnt care only about his man hood . I feel less of a women to still allow these things to happen in my life tell me hoe should I deal with this issue Im having

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