The Best Way of Packing Your Beauty Essentials for a Vacation

The Best Way of Packing Your Beauty Essentials for a Vacation

Wherever you go, near or far, you are sure to take along as much makeup as you can! What’s more, it takes quite a lot of thinking to pack the whole caboodle up. You don’t want any of the items to get damaged or misplaced.

Liquids and gels require consideration

When packing for a vacation, especially when it comes to stuff like gels, aerosol containers, actually any kind of large-size liquids, take into consideration the fact that you may get into trouble with the tsa over them, and be sure to put them into the baggage that you are going to check. If they find their way into a bag you are not going to check, a security agent may take exception to them and throw a book of rules at you.

Nail polish, gel and liquid foundations, eyeliners, and eye shadows will undergo screening, the fact you ought to be aware of. Prepare them for that by placing them in a transparent quart-sized plastic bag in small containers, not larger than about 3 ounces. The blog on the tsa site says that if your beauty products are normal size and come in tubes (for example, lip gloss, lip balm, or mascara) as well as some other stuff (lipstick, chapstick, powders, and crayons or pencils), these require no plastic bags, you can keep them in the make-up bag.

As you are about to set off for the air terminal, make sure your make-up is divided into wet and dry stuff; wet products should be placed in the quart bag together with your lotions. Make them a nice close fit.

Examine your tote bag(s)

You are going away for longer than overnight? Then you’ll take a suitcase or suitcases, which will make it easier for you to pack all your essential beauty products so they will be less likely to be subjected to confiscation.

See if your suitcase has pockets on the sides where some of your bottles/tubes can fit closely without moving about freely. Is it fitted with straps that can keep larger items like hairdryers fixed? Would it be more sensible to keep all your items in one make-up bag that can be stuffed in a convenient nook, or separate them into smaller bags because they will fit in with your other things better?

Compile a list of what you need

You will find the task easier if you work out a list of the items necessary on your journey – think of how you are conducting your daily beauty routine and jot down the products you use most often. Don’t forget about smaller items like pins and brushes. Once you’re done, reread the list and see if you can leave behind anything which won’t affect your procedure.

Small bags for big ones

Of course hardly anyone flings their bottles and lipsticks into the bag letting them take care of themselves. It is a natural move to pack small products into small bags and get a larger ziplock one for holding liquid items like sprays and shampoos. You will want to take meticulous care to prevent any spilling during your journey so you won’t get both your beauty products wasted and your clothes smeared.

You don’t really need travel-size products

We all know that some of these travel-size products look too cute, and shopping for them can become an exciting occasion! Yet, think again whether you need to spend money on what you can prepare at home. It is also fun to pour out stuff from large unwieldy bottles into tiny plastic bottles you prepared and labeled for the journey. While it’s not a really eye-opening advice, the number of people who disregard it and tag along sackfuls of large bottles is overwhelming. Now if you buy a set of small plastic bottles you spend a lot less money than when you go purchasing travel-size items! Then label the bottles and stick some tape over the legend to avoid deletion, and you are set. It works for most of the stuff, except toothpaste.

Thoughtful packing

Packing is actually a kind of art, it takes some learning! For example, see if you prefer to fold or roll up your clothes. Rolling them up is a bit better since it allows to avoid creasing – you get your clothes neat upon arriving. Besides, you can use rolling for keeping your make-up stuff safer! We have no grounds to believe that our baggage will be treated with utmost care. So you provide your beauty products with additional padding – like putting ziplock bags inside a rolled sweater so you can ensure protection against shock.

Powder compacts can require taking some further measures to enhance their safety. You will do well to put inside compacts cotton pads that will act as shock absorbers. Also why not place compacts inside small articles of clothing like socks and then inside larger articles nearer the middle of the suitcase. It will practically guarantee that when you arrive at your destination none of your bottles and compacts will end up cracked or broken.

Reevaluate your sets

If you need to use up less space go for multi-purpose beauty products which will stand you in good stead on many occasions. You can always use paler eye shadows as a skin highlighter, a cream blush for coloring eyes or lips, or blend your lipstick out on your cheeks. So, before you start packing (even more so if you went and made a list), think of the place you’re going to – and the reasons of your going there – and consider what kind of make-up you will need. Consequently, think what you can leave behind. You can opt for one eye shadow compact containing a choice of neutral shades which can be used for daytime and nighttime turn-out alike.

As screening does not apply to lipsticks, you can take more of these, and choose bolder hues. In this case you could play down your eye make-up and play up your lips. A summer vacation is really a good time for highlighted lips, and bright lips give you the desired put-together look in an instant.

These hints can help you avoid overflow in your suitcase – and even leave enough space for your acquisitions in the place.

Some more advice for you holidaymakers (or business travelers):

  • Let unwanted air out of the plastic bottles, because it can make them leak with the change of the air pressure. Squeeze the excessive air out and screw the cap on as tightly as you can.
  • Protect perfume bottles very carefully: put them into socks and in pockets of heavier clothes, or even into shoes.
  • Leaks run a chance of spoiling your journey? Before screwing the cap onto the bottle, put some kitchen wrap over the neck of the conditioner and shampoo bottles.
  • Self-tanner is the most leak-threatening object in your collection. Protect the bottle with all possible care, it can stain your cosmetics case badly, so employ multiple wrappings.

Above are some of the basic tips, but really packing cosmetics and makeup for a vacation is an even more complicated matter than that. If you have some tricks of your own to prevent unwanted spillage, spill’em out!

In summary…

How To Pack Beauty Products For Vacation

  • Make sure you can take liquids and gels on airplanes
  • See if your luggage has easy pockets for your beauty essentials
  • Compile a list of what you need
  • Pack small stuff in small bags and then all together in a big one
  • Don’t worry about travel size products
  • Be thoughtful when packing and roll up things in soft items
  • Re-evaluate your sets

how to pack beauty products for vacation

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