Lose Fat With This High-Protein Diet For Weight Loss

Lose Fat With This High-Protein Diet For Weight Loss

Want to know the big secret to weight loss?

Eat more protein!

Protein keeps you full, fights off cravings, and helps you build more muscle so you can burn fat. It is so much easier to lose weight when you are eating more protein.

Let’s look at the science. There are only three macronutrients that we can eat: protein, carbohydrates and fat.

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Obviously you want to reduce your fat intake since you are trying to burn off fat. And you want to reduce your carbohydrates too so you are able to burn more calories – including fat.

That leaves you just with protein. So if you increase your protein you can now provide yourself with a powerful new weapon to help you defeat fat!

How To Use A High-Protein Diet To Lose Weight

The best sources of protein are those that are low in saturated fat, but high in protein. These include chicken, eggs, nuts, sea food, and soy and low-fat dairy products such as milk or yogurt. Adding protein to your diet is easy. Start off by adding protein to your current meal. If you eat yogurt for breakfast try eating protein rich yogurt or adding yogurt to a protein shake. If you eat Greek salads for lunch, add in some chicken. And if you enjoy a stir-fry after the gym, throw in some lean steak.

high protein diet for weight loss

Keep your meals the same size but reduce the fat and add in more protein. You can even switch up the type of protein you have with each meal.

Perhaps for breakfast you decide to add cottage cheese and nuts to your yogurt. Mix it up to add variety so you do not get bored.

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What Are Good Sources Of Protein?

Here’s a list of great sources of protein in your diet. Try eating more of the below foods and supplements and instantly boost the protein-packed fat-burning power of your natural diet!

Whey protein powder, 1 scoop = 15-23 grams (varies)

Fish, a 3 ounce fillet = 22 grams

Cheese, a 2 ounce slice = 18 grams

Beef, 6 ounces = 38 grams

Chicken breast = 17 grams

Milk, 1 cup = 14 grams

Eggs, 2 large = 12 grams

Pork chops, 5 ounces = 33 grams

Black beans, 1 cup = 15 grams

Tofu, 3 ounces = 6 grams

Peanuts, 1 ounce = 7 grams

Almonds, 1 ounce = 6 grams

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Can You Still Include Carbs In Your Diet?

At the same time be mindful of your carbohydrate intake. You still want to eat carbohydrates so you have enough energy to help you in your workouts.

Some of the best carbohydrates are those that include fiber and have complex carbohydrates to give you long lasting sustainable energy.

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It is best to eat carbohydrates that are whole grains like brown rice, lentil, pasta, barley or oatmeal. Before your workout you should eat fruits like bananas or apples to give you a quick boost.

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And always load up on vegetables with your meal as they are full of fiber and low on carbohydrate calories. Other great carbohydrates to have are those that are also rich in protein like low fat milk, yogurt and beans.

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Can You Still Include Fats In Your Diet?

While it is true that you want to reduce your fat intake, you should not avoid fats all together. You still need to eat some fats to help you continue your normal physiological functions.

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Healthy fats to eat include nuts (almonds, pecans, and peanuts), olive oil, avocado and fish. You can mix together whey protein powder with yogurt and peanut butter for a healthy drink that is rich in protein, but still lean in fats and carbohydrates.

Or treat yourself to an avocado for dessert and enjoy the benefits of its delicious taste and healthy fats.

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While dieting can be tricky, it is important to remember one simple golden pearl: Eat more lean protein! You will feel full, have less craving, and build a leaner toner body!

Rajiv M Mallipudi, md, mhs is an internal medicine resident physician, personal trainer, athlete and author. He has over a decade of personal training experience and helped hundreds of clients of all levels achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. This inspired him to work as a clinical researcher at the nationally recognized, Johns Hopkins Hospital Weight Management Center. During medical school he and his classmates created the health and wellness organization, med fit, which provided personal training and nutrition counseling to the medical student body. In his spare time, Dr. Mallipudi enjoys playing ice hockey, dancing, and training for his next bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Dr. Mallipudi serves as a contributing writer for the Diet and Fitness sections.

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