The Easiest Ways To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

The Easiest Ways To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Losing weight comes down to burning more calories than you consume. Most diets advocate for you to count your calories and then reduce the amount you consume each week while you increase the amount you burn.

However, counting calories can be a pain. It is time consuming, frustrating, and requires meticulous planning and detail.

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The good news is, losing weight can be done efficiently by following basic principles without having to carry a calorie counter.

Here are three guiding principles to help you lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Rule #1: Consume Lean Protein At Each Meal

Protein is your best bet for dieting since it is the building block of muscle.

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Furthermore, more protein will allow you to feel fuller so you are less likely to overeat.

You should consume 1g of protein for each pound of targeted bodyweight. So if a woman weights 135lbs and wants to weigh 120lbs you should consume 120g of protein a day.

You should try to divide that total amount over the number of meals you will consume a day. In this example, if she is trying to eat 6 meals a day, then each meal should contain about 20g of protein.

Try to eat lean protein sources such as chicken breast, seafood, 90% lean bison or turkey, egg whites, low fat Greek yogurt, or tofu.

Always pick the leanest protein sources with reduced fat.

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Rule 2: Eat Fiber With Every Meal

Fiber has been shown to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and plays an important role in weight loss and helping maintain a healthy weight.

When you eat more fiber you feel full and this decreases your appetite so you are less likely to overeat.

Great sources of fibrous vegetables include broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans and kale. Great sources of starches include brown rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, oatmeal and bread.

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Rule 3: Eat S-L-O-W-L-Y

When you eat a meal you should feel satiated. You want to be able to have eaten the food but not in a way that causes you to feel stuffed and uncomfortable.

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Eat slowly so that the hormones released from your brain can trigger a sense of fullness to notify you to stop overeating.

A helpful tip is to eat slowly like you are at a job interview. You want to take your time and eat at an appropriate pace.

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If you find yourself famished before you eat, first eat the lean protein, then the fibrous vegetables, then the starch and finally the low fat sources.

Always strive to eat more lean protein. If you find that you are stuffed when you eat, reduce the food on your plate.

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Trust The System

You can achieve great success in weight loss without counting calories. While some may find it discouraging to not keep track of your calories, be aware that you may be losing weight but the weight loss is not visible on your body.

Keep track of your dieting progress with weekly measurements on the scale and measurements of your waist. Use this progress to keep yourself motivated.

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The key is that you need to simplify your diet so that you consume lean meats, high fiber foods, and eat slowly so that you do not overeat.

In time, you’ll see great progress on your way to success.

In summary…

The Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

  • Consume protein at every meal
  • Eat fiber with every meal
  • Eat slowly to avoid overeating
  • Be consistent, stick to the plan, and trust the system

lose weight without counting calories

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    calorie counting has helped my friend lose weight. she had also mastered the proper discipline in life to live healthier.

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    i hate counting calories.i really find it very difficult. i will just religiously follow the rules in this article to shred off some pounds.

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    fiber is very essential in every diet because it helps in proper digestion and makes you full without eating so much.

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    fiber is very important for a healthy diet especially if you’re trying to lose weight

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    thank goodness! i never had interest counting my calorie intake. it just feels complicated and very tiring for me personally.

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