55 Questions To Ask To See If You're Compatible

55 Questions To Ask To See If You’re Compatible

How can you be sure that you and your partner are a good match?

Being compatible is an extremely important part of any healthy long-term relationship that will be fulfilling for both of you. Compatibility doesn’t necessarily mean you have to like the same things but finding out your common interests is definitely a plus for most relationships and will help you connect.

Opposites can attract, and sometimes the small peculiarities about a person can come off as a plus instead of a negative. You just want to agree on the major things like morals and ethics, and views of the world.

Disagreeing on core values can play a major role in the decline of a long-term relationship, especially if you find out how a person feels about a subject matter that is important to you and who they truly are over a period of time.

First impressions are just that; you have an idea of who they are when you first meet them and you can assume they’re one way only to realize they are completely different. You will see that most of the time a person is much different inside compared to what they display to everyone externally. This isn’t a bad thing but the fact is compatibility cannot be determined at the very beginning because you simply don’t know who the person really is.

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If things haven’t been feeling right or the same maybe it’s time to take a deeper look at your relationship.

Use some of these questions to ask your partner and be sure to be totally open to their response, and not have any prejudgments. Don’t pressure anyone to answer, and on the other hand don’t get overly defensive or shut down when the conversation gets too much.

Being honest is absolutely key. Without honesty between two people there can be no relationship. If you don’t know who someone honestly is how can you honestly like them, let alone be compatible?

After asking these questions you should have a much better idea to see if you guys are a good fit!

1. What would you consider to be cheating?

2. What to you would be the biggest “deal-breaker” in a relationship?

3. What would be your ideal location for a honeymoon?

4. Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

5. Would you risk your own happiness for your own personal success?

6. Would you risk everything for the success of a relationship with someone you love?

7. If I broke your heart would you be able to forgive me if I had honest remorse?

8. What’s the length of time you’d take before dating again if we broke up?

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9. Have you ever had your heart broken before?

10. Would you ever be ok with supporting me in a time of need or being supported yourself?

11. What do you view as your specific role in a relationship?

12. What would you see as the most important part of our relationship?

13. What is the most romantic experience you have ever had?

14. How did I come off to you when we first met?

15. Have you ever been flirtatious with someone when you were out alone?

16. If you had to move away for a high paying job would you do it?

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17. Who is your favorite friend of mine and why?

18. How many secrets do you have that I know?

19. Do you have any secrets you are keeping away from me?

20. What’s the worst break up you have ever had?

21. Would you ever steal to support your family?

22. If I gave you something special would you return it to me after we broke up?

23. What is your favorite quality about my personality?

24. What is your favorite quality about my appearance?

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25. Is there anything I wear that you hate?

26. What would you consider to be the perfect person to be in a relationship with?

27. Have you ever told me a “noble lie”? (a lie told in order to save someone unnecessary pain)

28. What’s the worst trait someone can possibly have?

29. What’s the sexiest thing someone can do?

30. Would you prefer to date someone handsome with a horrible personality or someone unattractive with a heart of gold?

31. What’s the cringiest thing a couple can do in public?

32. What’s the most annoying thing you’ve seen a couple do?

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33. How many people have you been with?

34. If I cheated on you would you ever get back with me?

35. What is the biggest turn off in the world to you?

36. Have you ever had any intense sexual fantasies you have never told anyone about?

37. Would you rather have someone that worked all day who you never got to see, but made a lot of money, or someone who worked less and was around more?

38. Do you find chemistry in the bed or chemistry out of the bed more important?

39. What’s the most pain you have ever been in?

40. What is the saddest you have ever been?

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41. What is the most serious accident you’ve ever been in?

42. Would you ever hurt someone to protect me?

43. Would you ever uproot your life and move somewhere totally new for someone you loved?

44. What’s the biggest lie you have ever told?

45. What’s the angriest you have ever been with me?

46. What is your fondest memory of growing up?

47. What is one thing your parents taught you about raising a child?

48. Do you think you would be a great parent?

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49. What would you do if you had triplets?

50. Have you ever been really angry with me but not said anything?

51. What’s the worst decision you’ve seen me make?

52. Have you ever given in to me about something you honestly didn’t like?

53. What’s the best way in your opinion to relieve stress in a relationship?

54. Do you think telling someone all of your lies and secrets could make a relationship stronger?

55. Do you think past relationships should be hidden or openly talked about?

Some of these answers may take a little time to answer, but be patient and your partner is bound to open up. Don’t be judgmental or scrutinizing and do your best to learn about your significant other by the way they answer the question.

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As with any questions your asking, relax and have fun, you don’t want them to feel like they are taking part in an inquisition!

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  • ellie July 10, 2018, 8:01 pm

    this article makes a lot of sense. it is good to ask questions to know if you are compatible rather than just focusing on sex appeal and personality sparks.

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    my guy just answered all of these questions and i feel that we are really a good match!

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    i want to thank you for this amazing post. i am finding myself in the worst situation of my life as of the moment. i think i have to leave our relationship. i am no longer happy and that is more than enough reason to say that we are not really compatible.

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    relationships are all about compatibility. articles like this is a great help for couples to discover if they are really meant for each other. i will make sure to ask my guy some of these even if i already know that we are destined for each other.

  • serenity June 29, 2018, 7:40 pm

    my guy can’t answer most of the questions listed here. it seems like he is not interested at all. is this a sign that we are not really compatible and not meant to be together?

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    ok, so he is my boyfriend now after i asked him these questions! it’s great! hahaha! this is a good site! thanks for sharing articles like this.

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    my partner and i have huge differences but we don’t want to change them. it sounds weird but we don’t question the love in our relationship just because of those differences.

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    these questions will definitely help me figure out if my guy and i are well matched as a couple! thanks!

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    i want to know all his secrets so i will not forget to ask him how many secrets he has that I know. i hope to get an honest answer.

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    i used to think having a spark was enough to make a relationship last but i was wrong. true love needs compatibility. this article can help if you are wondering how to know if you and your partner are compatible.

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    when i first met my husband, i knew he was the one for me because we are compatible. i feel very comfortable talking to him, he laughs at my jokes and we are interested in talking about the same things.

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    Is there anything I wear that you hate? — this is the question i’ve been longing to ask my guy. i can’t believe that this question is included in this list.

  • janae June 19, 2018, 6:08 pm

    never force your partner to answer a question that he doesn’t want to answer. probably, he had a bad experience that he doesn’t want to talk about. i learned that from experience.

  • addison June 18, 2018, 6:14 pm

    these are really helpful questions. they can help partners understand each other better and see if they are compatible.

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    this article reveals questions that we all need to consider seriously if we are looking for an understanding and reliable partner whom we are going to spend our life with.

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    i am not sure if asking these questions can really help determine if we are a good match. but i will still try to ask my boyfriend some.

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    if you really want to know if you are compatible, you should ask him about his likes and dislikes. knowing what is the biggest turn off in the world to him is a wonderful question to start with.

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    i am actually in need of a whole list of questions i could ask the guy i am dating to see if we are compatible and this is a good one. i appreciate you sharing this.

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    i went on a date with this guy last night and we talked about movies. we discovered that his favorite movie was actually my least favorite movie of all time and argued about it. i guess we are not compatible.

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    Would you ever hurt someone to protect me? – this is a very good question to ask. this will let me know if he is really serious about me.

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    if you are really up for a long-term relationship, you should really find ways to see if you and your partner are compatible. questions like these could help.

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    i love reading your articles about relationships. i’ve had issues with my man before but after i started asking him questions which i got from your posts, we were able to figure out how to fix them and now, we are both happy.

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    asking a guy about his view in relieving stress in a relationship is good. in that way, you will both see if you are really compatible.

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    i totally agree with this post. if you do not feel comfortable with your partner then there is no reason to continue your relationship. these questions can really help if you want the key to a successful relationship.

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    i tried asking my guy these questions and i liked his answers! i guess we are really compatible!

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