16 Signs He Cares More Than You Think

You know the drill. You meet a new guy, you hit it off, things are going great, but you have this doubt in the back of your mind.

“Is he into me?”, “Is he thinking about me?”, “How can you tell when a guy likes you?”

You don’t want to make the wrong move or read into something that isn’t there and embarrass yourself! Not to worry as I’m going to show you 16 signs he cares about you.

When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to clearly see signs a guy likes you, and that he cares about you as more than a friend. This way, you can avoid confusion, kickstart your relationship, or at the very least give you some inner peace and clarity with your situation…

Here we go!

1. He Looks Good

I don’t mean that he’s handsome or good-looking. I mean that he goes out of his way to look presentable and put-together around you. He’s trying to show off his best self and that means putting in effort to not be so casual or look like a slob when he’s in your presence.

You’ll notice if he’s putting in effort because it’s a little different than how he normally is. Maybe it’s a bit of cologne, nicer shoes, whatever. It’s one of the small signs he cares.

2. He Playfully Teases You

This is a very common thing a guy will do when he likes a girl. He might make jokes, rib on you a little bit or poke some fun. The key here is that he’s trying to get you to laugh. It should never be mean or hurtful. If he likes you, the last thing he’s going to want to do is offend or hurt you.

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3. He Acts Protective

This is one of those signs he really cares because he’s going out of his way to shield you from something negative. Whether it’s sticking up for your feelings or opinions or just being extra careful about your safety.

He might just be a good, polite guy but when you add this sign in with a few others, there’s a pretty good chance it’s because he likes you as more than a friend.

4. He Asks You Personal Questions

I don’t mean that he’s asking intimate, uncomfortable questions. This refers to him just trying to get to know you. What do you like? What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite movie genre? Etc.

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Guys don’t waste time trying to get to know someone they’re not interested in. He might just be making polite small talk but one of the signs someone likes you is their continued interest. Any time you’re together, is he asking you questions about yourself and really truly listening to your answers?

5. He Says It Through His Body Language

Is he doing things like leaning into you, making eye contact, finding ways to be near you, etc? He might even just act nervous and jittery around you, unable to stand still or losing his train of thought.

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6. He Cares About What Makes You Happy

This is one of the top signs he caught feelings for you. When he pays attention to what makes you happy and tries to do that to the best of his ability, there’s a very good chance he cares more than he might say. He cares about your well-being and is developing stronger feelings for you.

7. He Asks About Your Dating Life

He asks if you’re seeing anyone, what your status is, how someone like you could be single. Any of these questions show that he’s trying to gauge whether he’s got a shot with you. He wouldn’t necessarily ask unless he was interested.

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8. He Clarifies His Relationship Status

Going off the last sign, this is a big one. When he makes sure to be clear that he’s single or available, it’s because he wants you to know that he’s open and interested. He wants to make sure you are aware that you have a chance with him and that he’s not “off the market” due to having a girlfriend, fiancé, etc.

9. He Compliments You

He says nice things about you, notices your new shoes, whatever it may be. He verbally acknowledges something nice about you and wants to make you happy and feel good.

10. He Includes You In Things

If you’re wondering “Does he really care about me?”, one thing to pay attention to is whether he includes you in things, especially plans you didn’t have any idea about.

A nice guy might just include you so you don’t feel left out but if he’s consistently contacting you to invite you out and bring you to things, it’s a very good sign a guy cares about you.

11. He Jokes About Being Together

This is one of the most obvious signs he likes you. When he seems to be joking around and playfully makes mention of you being together.

He’s testing the waters to see how you react. If you’re repulsed and negative, he’ll quickly shut down. But if he gets a good response, you can expect more jokes of this kind or even “hypotheticals” he throws out. He’s trying to see if his initial feelings are being matched by you.

12. He Tries To Connect On Common Ground

You two could be the most wildly different people in existence but if he likes you he will do whatever he can to find some sort of common ground to connect with you on. He asks you questions, tries to understand your point of view, and is generally interested in what interests you.

He’s trying to find a way in so that you can connect on a deeper level and start forming a bond over something you two both enjoy and agree on. It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant it is, if he cares about you he will find it.

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13. He Gets Jealous

Pay attention to how he acts if you’re flirting with another guy or someone else is trying to hit on you.

Now, I want to be clear that you should not be doing anything intentionally to make him jealous. Just pay attention if he changes at all when he sees you with someone else. Maybe he’ll make a comment on the guy or ask if you two are together. He’s trying to suss out if he could lose out to someone else.

14. He Flirts More and More

Initially you might just have a lighthearted joking or half-joking about any interest or attraction to each other.

But if he gets good signs from you or clear indication that you’re interested in him, you’ll notice his flirting become less vague and ambiguous and more direct and noticeable. Once he knows that you’re interested, you’ll find that he amps up his flirting.

15. He Texts You

He goes out of his way to say hi or good morning. Maybe it’s just to follow up with a conversation you had the other day or he’s asking if you saw such and such a show.

He’s trying to contact and connect with you by taking the initiative. Guys don’t generally text just to text. If he’s reaching out all the time and trying to start a conversation, it’s because he wants to and he wants that with you.

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16. He Listens To You

This is one of the most important signs he cares deeply about you. He pays attention to you when you’re talking and he’s not distracted by other people or his phone (so rude!).

You can tell that he’s dialed in to the conversation and is really listening to what you have to say.

And there you have it, 16 solid signs a guy cares about you more than you think. While one or two signs on their own are not a solid indication, if you’re able to add up a lot from this list, there’s a very good chance he cares for you very deeply, even if he doesn’t say it.

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In summary…

  1. He Puts in effor to look good
  2. He playfully teases you
  3. He acts protective
  4. He asks you questions to get to know you
  5. He says it through his body language
  6. He cares about what makes you happy
  7. He asks about your dating life
  8. He clarifies his relationship status
  9. He compliments you
  10. He includes you in things
  11. He jokes about being together
  12. He tries to connect on common ground
  13. He gets jealous
  14. He flirts more and more
  15. He texts you
  16. He listens to you
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  • Gbemi August 20, 2021, 3:47 pm

    There’s this guy. He says he loves me and wants to marry me. He’s been asking me out and have been turning him down. He cares for me. It’s quite obvious. How do I know he’s being truthful

    • Wini December 29, 2021, 12:27 am

      actions speak louder than words- let him prove it over time and make sure you’re doing your part too. fidelity, honesty, and trust are key. it’s hard to say you love someone if they don’t know you… you have to know someone to really love them, and know them to really love them. doe he make you happy? does he make you a better person? keep all of those in mind. good luck sis!

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