how romantic are you?

For Real: How Romantic Are You?

Do you like long walks on the beach?

Do you want nothing more than to relax by an ocean with the love of your life, drinking red wine, listening to a violinist, watching the tide come in and deciding that now is the time for you and your love to walk, just walk into the water and keep walking because life could never get as good as this ever again, because this is peak romance – the most romantic moment possible, and everything else would just be downhill…

Or do you think romance is crap?

Just a big crock of candy, glossy red hearts, greeting cards and expensive restaurants designed to take your money and leave you with nothing besides some chalky candy, crappy smelling candles, and disappointment.

Some people think they’re super hopeless romantics at heart – but in reality they couldn’t care less.

While other people proclaim that they don’t care about romance… but deep down romance is the only thing they could ever care about.

How about you? Want to find out? Take this quick quiz and discover how romantic you really are!

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