Is He Emotionally Available?

Is He Emotionally Available? Take this Quiz and Find Out!

Your guy would open up to you about ANYTHING, right?

No matter the problem, he’s there to talk about it.

Even if it’s hard. Even if it might make you (or him) cry. Even if it means getting emotional with you.

You’re confident he would do that. Right?

Or does it sometimes feel like he walls himself off from you? Does it feel like he cuts off his emotions and doesn’t respect yours?

Does it feel like he doesn’t allow himself to be emotional around you?

He might be intentionally trying to become more emotionally distant from you… and if he is, that’s bad news.

Over 90% of the time a guy is going to break up with a woman, he becomes more emotionally distant first.

So let me ask you again, do you think he’s willing and open to share his emotions with you? Or is he more distant about his emotions instead?

To find out for SURE, take this quick and accurate quiz. You’ll find out just how emotionally available he really is…

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