Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight: Fact Or Fiction?

Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight: Fact Or Fiction?

So what’s the truth: does hot water really help with weight loss?

It’s no mystery that diet and exercise are at the top of the list for weight loss … with diet coming in first place and exercise trailing in second. Diet is the clear winner because it’s much easier to consume fewer calories than it is to work them off.

That’s why dietary tips such as drinking hot water have long been hot topics of interest.With all the dietary hype out there, it’s hard to know what works and what’s utter nonsense.

In the mysterious case of “drinking hot water for weight loss,” we shed light on the true benefits of drinking water, and what we found may not be what you expected.

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Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight?

Spoiler Alert … It’s a myth that hot water aids in weight loss. The myth is based on the idea that your digestive system must bring hot water down to your core body temperature in order to absorb it. The myth goes on to say when water is brought down to body temperature, it burns a few calories and boosts your metabolism at the same time, but unfortunately this story has holes in it.

does hot water help you lose weight

There is no scientific evidence proving that hot water speeds up your metabolism, or aids with weight loss any more than cold or room temperature water does.

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So There’s No Truth To The Hot Water Story?

The only evidence that exists about hot water potentially helping with weight loss is the fact that hot water does take a little bit more time to get absorbed by your stomach than cold water does.

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What this means is that the liquid will remain in your stomach for a longer period of time, which might provide you with a feeling of fullness longer than usual.

However, there have been no studies done on this, so it is not yet scientifically proven. Based on the scientific evidence that does exist, there’s no reason to drink hot water to lose weight, because it doesn’t work and will only make you disappointed if you are expecting drastic results.

Thus, you can drink water at room temperature or cold, whatever you prefer.

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Does This Mean That Water Doesn’t Work For Weight Loss Altogether?

Definitely not!

Just because hot water doesn’t assist with weight loss in the way we thought, drinking water in general does.

If you drink at least 2 liters of water a day (8 cups of water), it can help you see results faster on your weight loss journey. Let’s see why …

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Drinking Water Is Better For You Than Soda

Water is an amazing, healthy alternative to sugary drinks.When you drink water, you aren’t drinking empty calories like you would be if you were drinking sugary sodas.

Ingesting too many empty calories can lead to weight gain because your body has no use for them, as they contain no nutrients.

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Also, sugary soda causes blood sugar rushes and insulin spikes in your blood. Unlike soda, water doesn’t contain a single calorie, so you can drink as much of it as you want.

Apart from being unhealthy sugar is also addicting. The more sugar you drink, the more you will want it, and the harder it is to give up.

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Some fruit juices with added sugars can be just as addictive as soda, so it’s best to trade those out for water as well. In fact, this applies to all beverages with high sugar content.

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The best practice is to check out the nutritional label on the back to help you decide if you should drink it.

Drinking Water Helps You Burn Calories

Ingested water burns calories during a process known as resting energy expenditure.

In adults, resting energy expenditure has been shown to increase up to 30% within just 10 minutes of drinking water. On average, the calories burned from water lasts for an hour.

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Drinking Water Before Meals Helps You Feel Fuller

Many studies have found that drinking water before meals is beneficial for weight loss.

A study called “Efficacy of water preloading before main meals as a strategy for weight loss in primary care patients with obesity” in the journal Obesity confirmed that if you drink water before a meal, it makes you feel full.

The fuller you are, the less you will eat, which aids in weight loss. Drinking water before meals is an easy way to lower the amount of calories you consume without forcing yourself to restrict calories, and without feeling hungry!

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Drinking Water Is Also Helpful For Having Regular Bowel Movements

It helps push everything along. This will help you feel lighter and less bloated during the day.

Drinking water first thing in the morning wakes your digestive system up. A study called Water, Hydration, and Health posted in the US National Library of Medicine reminds us that water is life, and without water, we could only survive for a maximum of a couple of days. Water hydrates our bodies and is so vital for its proper functioning.

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Tips For Enjoying More Water In Your Day

There’s no getting around it … plain water is bland, and simply not that exciting. It can be hard to drink something that you don’t like, or something so flavorless.

One thing that you can do to make water more appealing is to work for it. Exercising hard, especially if you sweat, makes the thought of drinking some thirst quenching water much more appealing. At that point you won’t care how bland it tastes.

Additionally, you can infuse your water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make it taste better. Get a mason jar, pour some water in it, and then slice some lemons and add them into the jar to make your water more flavorful. It helps if you let it set for 5 minutes.

You can also add mint leaves, cucumber slices, lime slices, kiwi slices, strawberry slices, or any other fruit of your choice.

Apart from that, you can also drink some seltzer (carbonated water) if plain water is too boring for you. After you drink water every day for a while, your body will begin to crave it. Just don’t give up, keep drinking water, and you will see results!

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    water is still the best source of good health and fitness

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    drinking lots of water will help you avoid eating too much. Thus, promoting weight loss.

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    avoid soda, juices, etc and focus on water

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    i don’t believe only hot water can help you lose weight.

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    water doesn’t have to be hot to be healthy. as long as it’s is clean and good to drink, it is your healthiest source.

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    drinking lots of water also help in having great skin, what a bonus, right? (:

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    definitely a myth! water itself is a necessity and this will absolutely keep you healthy and fit

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    i think you’re right. and as long as you load up on water, it doesn’t really matter.

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    plain water will help you feel full and will keep you hydrated. there’s so much benefit you can get with drinking enough water

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    it doesn’t matter if you drink it hot or not, water in general is the best for your body not only for weight loss but for health reasons too

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    it’s better to drink lukewarm to warm water than cold

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    water is still the best for weight loss and healthy diet. drink up!

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    i think there shouldn’t even be an issue here as long as you drink lots of water it will make you full and not feel hungry all the time

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    yup, definitely a myth! no need to heat your drinking water at all.

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    i drink lukewarm water and it’s the best for me

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    i like these tips especially making someone like me want to or like to drink water than usual

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    water in general helps keep the body healthy, it even keeps you feeling full

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    i believe cold water isn’t very good or the body but drinking hot water will not guarantee weight loss. as long as you drink water, this will help boost your energy and promote weight loss

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    you’re right, water definitely helps in weight loss.

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