Philosophical Questions to Deepen Your Relationship

Philosophical Questions to Deepen Your Relationship

Maybe you’re looking to deepen your relationship, or maybe you’re trying to hash out something unknown about your significant other. Philosophical questions are inherently deep in nature and should help unravel someone at a much deeper level.

These questions should give you personal clarity on certain characteristics of the person you are opening up a dialogue with.

Famous French philosopher Voltaire stated that you should, “judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers.”

I believe this to be true. Look for the intricacies of their response, rather than the direct answer. With some of these questions, you will see people start to question themselves. It’s just as important to gauge their response and how they came to it as the response itself. By you asking these questions correctly you will come off as introspective and intelligent, rather than imposing.

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By asking correctly I mean, without judgment or lack of appropriate response. In fact, the person you are asking them to might enjoy it simply for the catharsis answering these questions can give. The person also will feel more connected the more they personally get to know you and the more they expose deep inner-feelings to you.

All people are different, and act differently for a number of reasons. In biology I was taught that a person is formed partly by nature, and partly by nurture.

These philosophical questions should help get the answers of the nurture side of that equation.

Life is a journey filled with crazy experiences that form us into who we are. It’s extremely important to know about these experiences when trying to get to know someone. Everybody has a story, and everybody has deep hidden answers to even the most difficult questions. It’s easy enough to know where someone was born, and what their parents did for work, but how far does that really get you into knowing them?

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Sure, growing up in Beverly Hills would make you have a much different perspective on the world than someone raised in rural Kansas, but to me relationships are truly about what’s on the inside of the person, not just the basic external facts. It shouldn’t matter who someone is or where they are from, it should matter who they are on the inside!

These questions will help get you to the root of that question and give you a much deeper knowledge of the person you are talking too.

Meaning of Life

If your life became a movie what would it be about and what would the title be?

Do we really have control over our lives?

What is the purpose of being happy?

Is it fate or destiny that controls us?

Is being conscious a blessing or a curse?

Is life fair?

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Thomas Jefferson once said “the art of life is the art of avoiding pain”- do you agree with him?

Is there a difference between living life and just existing?

Does everyone have a unique purpose on this earth?

Do you like to celebrate the good parts of your life in any special way?

We all feel we are “meant” to do something, that we are “here for a reason” and have purpose- is this true, or is it an inherent genetic delusion to keep us motivated and positive?

What’s one experience you’ve had that totally changed your view of the world?

Does it disturb you that one day in the future, after you die, someone will be the last person to ever think about you?

What do you think the point of fear is in human nature?

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How powerful do you think incentive is in changing humanity?

If you could time travel to any era to make your life better what time-period would that be?

With the knowledge of the size of the universe that we can prove, and a population of almost 8 billion, how valuable is human life on an empirical scale?

What’s one thing you’ve done in life that you think you will be remembered by?


If you had a year left to live what would you try to accomplish?

Do you believe in any sort of life after death?

If we have a heaven and hell, what do animals have?

Is the afterlife a concept formed by our consciousness or a reality?

How do you think your death will affect those around you?

Do you believe people will be punished for their sins?

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Do you think we will be rewarded for our charity?

What is the most honorable thing you’ll be remembered by?

How important is the struggle between good and evil?

How long do you think you’ll be remembered?

Whose life would your death have the greatest impact on?

Who do you think would show up at your funeral?

What would you have inscribed on your tombstone?

What would be your last words?

Who would receive benefits from your will?

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What is the most preferable way to die?

Would you rather die in glory or peacefully in your sleep?

What will people say about you in your obituary?

Have you ever had a close experience with death?

Would you like to know the time and place of your death?

Have you ever had someone close to you die?

Are you afraid of death?

What is the worst death possible to you?

Who would you feel justified in killing?

If you were in a war for good against evil how willingly would you lay down your life?

Would you die for a cause?

How important do you think religion is in respects to the after-life?

Love/How Real it Is

Would you break the law to save someone you love?

When you think of home what is the first thing that comes to mind?

How many people in your life have you truly been in love with?

Do you think that love is fate or chance?

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Do you ever think about how the person you may spend your life with forever is walking around on this planet right now?

What would you do to have the perfect relationship?

Do you value health or wealth?

Do you care more about who a person is or who they are?

Would you rather date someone rich and ugly, or poor and handsome?

Would you rather date someone ugly with a great personality or someone gorgeous with a horrible one?

What would you do to know everything about the person you love?

Do you believe in the stereotypical “fairy tale” love story?

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Is it possible to ever fully get over someone or is there some mark indelibly left on our psyche by unrequited love?

Is there one thing that would be a deal-breaker, no matter how much you loved someone?

Asking questions like these is great because you not only get to know someone else on an entirely new level, but you’ll get to know yourself a bit better as well.

These are some seriously deep, and thought-provoking questions that should inspire some unforgettable conversations.

Just remember never to come off as being critical about an answer, and to have basic respect with the simple knowledge that we are all different!

Getting to know someone on a highly personal level is never easy, and takes time, so don’t pressure any responses that you see making the other person feel uncomfortable. The goal is to make them feel like they are understood, and even if you don’t understand, to set yourself up in a position where you’ll be able to dig deeper if need be. If you get any unwanted answers, or answers that change your mind about that person, don’t worry, you’re not a natural fit. Who they are inside obviously has nothing to do with you! Listen to their answers, but just as important, look at the way they answers them, and try to discover the internal questions they’re asking himself!

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