How To Make Him Worried About Losing You Or Make Him Think He Lost You

How To Make Him Worried About Losing You Or Make Him Think He Lost You

Does your guy feel distant lately? Do you feel like you’re always chasing him when it should be the other way around?

If you’re afraid of losing him, it’s time to turn the tables. I’ll give you 10 powerful ways to make a man worry about losing you.

Whether you’re in a relationship and feeling taken advantage of or still single but dating and feel like you’re being taken for granted and unappreciated then this might be the most important thing you read!

If you’re done feeling unappreciated and ignored, it’s time for you to know exactly how to make him see your value, appreciate you and treat you as a priority in his life. When you know how to make him realize he’s losing you, he’ll fight to win you back.

This might surprise you, but what you’re about to learn isn’t going to be about playing games or being manipulative. In fact, he will be glad you learned this and will see it as you doing what’s best for the relationship. He’ll be happier than ever to be in the relationship and put in real effort to make things great with you when he’s afraid of losing you.

These powerful ways to make him scared of losing you will be game-changing. Most advice on relationships doesn’t cover this but I want you to understand a man’s fear of loss and how it can reset your relationship so that you feel valued and loved by him.

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And if you’ve had a relationship with him where things have been “complicated” or he has been wishy-washy about committing to you, then you need to pay attention as I reveal the most powerful secret to get him to commit (or expose clearly that he was never, ever going to commit to you… so you stop wasting your time).

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1. Be Willing To Walk Away

Every single day that you’re in a relationship, you’re choosing to be there. You need to always remember that you can also choose to exit at any time.

Generally speaking, if a man says he can’t commit (or doesn’t want a relationship), that’s very unlikely to change, especially if you go along with it. It’s one of the biggest mistakes women make when they are looking for love.

The trap that so many women fall into is a guy clearly shows he’s not going to be what they want (in many cases even explicitly says he doesn’t want a relationship) and they go along with it… which guarantees he will never commit to a relationship in the way they want!

Why would he? He says or clearly shows that he doesn’t want a committed relationship and the woman is going along with it. What incentive is there for him to change?He’s getting what he wants without having to earn it. He isn’t scared to lose you.

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The key and solution here is a compassionate and loving “no, thank you” to what isn’t what you want.

Ironically, it’s only when you’re truly willing to walk away from a dynamic that you don’t want that you get to discover the truth about whether he would ever commit to you and want a relationship with you.

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If a man knows he really could lose you, he will either step up his game and very clearly commit to you… or he’ll let you go.

And if he lets you go, that’s still a win for you because you now know that he was never, ever going to come around and commit. You’re now spared potential years of wasted time, frustration and heartache.

Men can absolutely sense the difference between a woman who is truly willing to walk away and a woman who isn’t. This is what “walking power” is and it’s essential that you understand it: it really is a power!

You must understand though that this is not a threat. This is not even something you ever say out loud. This is an understanding that you have with yourself that when you are willing to say no to what you don’t want, you make it possible to actually get what you do want.

This first step is the foundation for everything else. As long as you understand this, these next tips are going to work amazingly well for you and improve your relationship in ways you can’t even imagine!

2. Give Him Space

If you want to make him worry about losing you to the point where all he thinks about is how to make sure you stay, this next step is very important.

When you give a man a lot of space, it’s going to make him afraid of losing you.
Space is the heart of a good relationship and makes him miss and long for you when you’re not around.

Men need space to process their emotions, solve problems and get things done. They need this aspect in their life in order to be at their best. If your relationship interrupts this process, it’s going to send a negative ripple effect through everything you have with each other.

When he has this space then he’s able to “recharge his batteries” so to speak. Even better, while you’re giving him space, it’s time to recharge yours! Which brings me to my next point…

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3. Be In The Best Mood Possible

Your good mood is your vibe. When you’re in the best mood possible you will end up with the best relationship.

When you do things you love and take care of yourself, it’s an automatic roadmap to happiness on the inside and that shines through. When you’re truly happy on the inside, it shines outward and attracts love to you. You set the emotional tone for the relationship and he’ll fall into alignment with your good mood.

Don’t look to your relationship as something to make you happy. Instead, look at it as something to bring happiness into and it will reflect that happiness back to you.

This is such a simple yet effective step that you can do immediately. When you truly feel good on the inside, men respond to that positive vibe and it fixes a lot of problems and prevents a lot of problems too!

Be in a good mood. It’s a very powerful way when it comes to how to make a man worried about losing you.

Men can’t get enough of the feminine energy they experience when you’re in a good mood. It’s very addicting for them and it’s a key to keep a man interested and on his A-game to keep you around.

Take your good mood into your own hands by making sure your life is full of things you love doing. When you do this, you’re able to give him space to “recharge his batteries” while you are recharging yours. Then, when you come together, you’ll bring that fresh new energy into the relationship. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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4. Keep Texting and Social Media To A Minimum

Somehow people got convinced that we should expect each other to be available on text and social media to respond when we send messages out, especially when those messages are marked as read.

Just because everyone has a smartphone in their hand, that doesn’t change men’s innate nature. Having access to text and social media is not going to automatically change them into social butterflies!

It wasn’t too long ago that if someone wanted to get a phone call, they had to be home near a phone attached to their wall. People were out living their lives, getting things done, and checking messages later.

All of a sudden, we have these smartphones that we carry around with us all day. An assumption was planted in our society that we’re expected to respond and react to these things all day long and immediately. i.e. “If you have your phone in your hand to read the message, would it be such a huge deal for you to reply?!?!?”

When you get down to it, men don’t enjoy texting. Men don’t enjoy social media. It doesn’t excite them. Since the beginning of time, men have never liked “chatting” and they hate interruptions.

Unlike women, men do not multitask. There have been many studies to show this.

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When men concentrate, all of the brain activity goes to one localized area. A man will concentrate on one thing at a time very intensely and shut out all distractions. That’s not just what men prefer, that’s how their brain physiology is built to operate.

Understanding that, it’s best to remove texting and social media from your relationships as much as possible. The only exceptions where I would use it is when it makes logistics or planning much easier, such as making plans or sending an address.

Outside of that, the focus of the relationship should be on spending quality time together.

5. Don’t Say You Feel “Unappreciated”

I know it feels natural to announce when you are upset or angry, that you’re not appreciated and neglected. It may seem like a good idea but it will only make things worse.

He will start to view you as a person who is always nagging and complaining. I don’t think I need to tell you that men hate this. It immediately brings down the mood of the relationship and he would rather be 1,000 miles away than listen to you gripe and complain about your feelings.

That’s not to say you have to be Perfect Miss Sunshine 24/7 but don’t use him as a sounding board to air your grievances. Telling him all the things he’s doing wrong to make you feel inadequate will not inspire him to feel like he’s losing you.

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6. Work On Your Fitness

It’s pretty common to let yourself go a little bit in a relationship. If you’ve put on a few pounds, trust me, it is absolutely something he notices.

When you focus on improving your appearance he will definitely notice and know you are more attractive to everyone, other men included!

Hot Tip: if you ramp up your efforts and start to look as good or even better than when you first started dating, his fear of losing you is going to skyrocket. Once he notices other men noticing you, it’s going to make him think he’s losing you.

7. Focus On Your Appearance

This ties back into my previous point.

It’s important to still look how you were when you first began dating. You know when you put effort into how you dressed well, did your hair and makeup, and anything else you did to presnt your best self.

When you do all of these things and other men pay attention to you, he will notice. He’ll start to wonder, “Why is she doing this? Is she trying to look good for someone else?” and act in ways that show “I’m scared to lose you”.

Now, if you’re already someone who always looks their best, you can make a change in hair or makeup for example or especially your wardrobe. He will wonder why you made this change. He can’t help but wonder is it because you want to be attractive to other men? Have your feelings for him changed? Is he going to lose you?

When a man has no fear of a woman leaving, he no longer has to work on securing your love and attention. He under-appreciates you. Takes you for granted. Don’t do this on purpose though where you try to make him jealous as that will come off as manipulative and severely backfire, making your relationship worse. This is all about focusing on you and being your best self.

When a man is afraid of losing you, he does a 180 and turns on the jets and comes racing to win you back.

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8. Go Out With Friends

Having a life makes him aware that you are in situations that you could meet other people. What happens if you’re out and meet another guy? Do it for yourself though. This is not a manipulation tactic to make him worry about you.

You’re not actively trying to make him jealous. You’re simply going on with your life and being social. Take up a new hobby and do something you enjoy. The more you’re out living your life, the more he’s going to miss you.

9. Connect With Him On An Emotionally Intimate Level

Think of time you felt very close and connected to your partner. We all need these feelings of being emotionally connected to our significant other.

When you create a safe zone for him to express himself, he will miss you when he feels disconnected from you.If a man says he appreciates you, it’s a clear sign he loves having you in his life and feels like he can open up to you on that deeper level.

10. Support His Drive

When you support him in this specific area, he will feel connected to you in a profound way. Getting this kind of support from a woman is something most men are starving for and they don’t even realize it until they have it and feel like they could lose it.

What do I mean when I say support a man’s drive?

For starters, let’s talk about what I mean when I talk about a man’s drive. Every man has a direction he wants his life to go in.

For some men, they have very specific goals they want to achieve or things they want to be doing. For other men, it’s not so much specific goals and achievements as it is a general feeling that life is moving in the direction they want.

If you want to understand the psychology of a man, here’s the most important thing to understand: If a man feels his life is moving in the direction he wants, he’s happy, he’s confident, he’s in a good mood.

If he feels like it’s moving in the wrong direction, he’s miserable, withdrawn and subdued.

His “drive” is the emotional and psychological force within him that pushes him to make his life go in the direction he wants.

So how do you support a man’s drive?

Surprisingly, even though a man’s drive is almost entirely the basis for his mood and emotional state, men are remarkably unaware of their own drive and what affects them positively or negatively.

This is why having a great woman in their life can be so valuable (and when you understand this, you become irreplaceable in his life).

In order to support his drive, you must first understand it.

Become like a detective. Watch for things that get him excited, motivated, and fired up. Does he seem more motivated when he’s in a good fitness routine? Does he always seem in a good mood after he finishes doing some yard work? Is he more motivated when he’s in the habit of waking up early?

And also, watch for things that drag him down, make him withdrawn or crush his spirits. Pay attention to things that pop that bubble of motivation for him. What kinds of things are killing his mood and knocking him off course? Are there certain situations or spoken words that deflate his excitement and happiness?

If you’re looking for signs he doesn’t want to lose you, you’re looking in the wrong place. You want to be looking for what fires up his drive!

When you understand what fires up his drive (and what deflates it), all you have to do is give feedback and share your observations.

“I notice when you are waking up early you are way more productive.”
“I notice when you’re on a great diet you’re in a better mood in general.”
“I notice when you spend time with this person, you’re usually in a bad mood afterward.”

Even just mentioning what you’ve noticed is incredibly valuable to him and it will speak directly to his heart. He will feel seen by you and understood by you in a way he’s never experienced with another woman.

When you know the answers to these questions, you can support what keeps his drive high while helping to shield him from what kills it. This is invaluable in a man’s life because many feel like they don’t have any support whatsoever.

When a man feels like you understand what drives him, he will feel you understand him. That deeper feeling of connection is something he won’t want to lose and will do everything in his power to keep you.

Now you’ve got the 10 keys to what really reaches his heart and makes him feel seen and appreciated by you.You’ll forge a unique and deep bond with him. When you connect with this intimate part of him, he will begin opening up and sharing more with you.

Watch as he starts doing everything he can to make you happy and does his best to show how much he values and appreciates you.You’ll be shocked at how much he’ll appreciate this, this is super powerful (and you can start doing it immediately)…

Take control of the future of your love life, so you get the kind of relationship, connection and love you really want!

I hope this article helped you understand the signs he thinks he’s losing you. It’s a question I get asked a lot – so I wrote this article to make sure women could make him think about the fear of losing someone. It’s important to note that if you want to actually stop him from pulling away from you, you have to know exactly what to do or else he’s as good as gone. If you want to know how, you need to read this right now: If He’s Pulling Away, Do This…

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