How Lonely Are You

Quiz: How Lonely Are You

Do you feel lonely all the time?

Well, that’s ok . A lot of people do.

But not everyone feels super lonely a lot of the time.

Are you more lonely than the average person? Are you just a lonely person?

Find out by taking this quick quiz right now…

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  • EmNon July 4, 2019, 11:40 pm

    Everybody’s story here seems to be directly Correlated to a specific problem/situation but I just sad for no reason. Happy Is rare and when I realize i’m happy I know it’s not gonna last long so I get sad …we’ll ig that is a problem dis is 4th of July I den& gn

  • Leyah unknown July 4, 2019, 2:26 pm

    I’m 25 years old going on 26 I feel depressed than ever I never had a boyfriend I can’t remember the last time last I’ve been kissed. I pretty much a loner by nature I have consider sucide numberous ocassions because 1# I’ve been unemployed almost a year #2 I still live with my mother #3 I have 2 classes to take in my community college left but my financial aide has run out so I need to transfer to a four year college but I don’t know where to go plus I need somewhere to stay. My mother is bipolar etc. #4 I don’t even. Have a driver’s license. #5 My self-esteem is low sometimes I look at my body and I hate it or my face. #6 I’m so tired and drain within the last year I have put in over 100 applications I don’t know how many open interviews I’ve been etc. I’m tired.#7 I feel like my soulmate is not in this world I feel like that he has passed on into the next life waiting for me. For me to kill myself or someone kill me. Wether in hell or heaven he’s waiting for me my soul needs to be with him. #8 I feel like I’m unlovable I’m not worthy to be loved or enough to be loved. #9 I want to die before my birthday I don’t want to be around anymore

  • Venessa April 10, 2019, 1:43 am

    I am his baby momma. I have loved him ever since but he is with another woman. He says he loves me and we see each other once a week or so. He wants me to keep our relationship a secret even though we have a daughter. I don’t know what kind of a person is he. But I love and I don’t see myself with anyone else but him. What is wrong with me?

  • Hannah January 10, 2018, 10:55 pm

    I now a boy in my class and I like him and everyone in my class says he like me but he doesn’t seem like he like me he talks to me and laughs when I say funny stuff but he doesn’t seem like he likes me.

    • marla November 22, 2018, 3:53 pm

      he pro do but he not showing anything because he pro think you don’t like him back you should talk to him

  • mandy November 27, 2017, 12:27 pm

    I love him so much bt he seem not to have time

  • jack September 1, 2017, 6:42 am

    well… i try to change myself, but when i talk or communicate with them…. they act like i wasn’t there. how suppose i couldn’t be a loner when they act like that.

  • qdopeme breezy August 12, 2017, 10:11 am

    I see this guy who leaves next door he don’t say hi but i like
    him should i make the first move

  • vicky May 5, 2017, 11:02 am

    am in a relationship its wow. says he loves me,he cals at least six to seven tymz a day. we chat often but he has another girl friend n wants us
    to keep our relationship a secret. i dont know if am in the right place or am just setting maself up for a heart break

  • Emily May 22, 2016, 1:16 pm

    I really don’t have any friends….. I am lonely everyday….I feel like a total mistake…. I am only 9….this isn’t fair for a kid like me…..I have a lot of bullies…I really don’t understand…. I feel like I should’ve never been born……I am always lonely……No body likes me cause when I grow up I wanna be a Emo Goth Girl…I feel shut out…

    • Lynn December 1, 2016, 8:28 am

      It’ll get better with time but you have to take action. There are lots of people like you, I mean, there should be at least, and if someone doesn’t accept you the way you are, they’re missing out. I’m 16 and I used to be bullied and feel lonely too but I knew my worth and now I’m stronger than I used to be. Talk to your parents or teachers about the bullies… and about your self-esteem maybe. You really shouldn’t feel the way you do! The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

    • bb October 28, 2017, 1:16 pm

      Hey, it could be worse. I have a disease, have to get an IV every couple of weeks (Like a shot) And for the past couple of years I have had friend problems

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