Exactly How To Be A High Value Woman: 12 Traits & Examples

Want to know what makes a woman so special that a guy will go to the ends of the earth for her? What makes him pledge his undying love to her and cherish her as long as he lives?

I’m going to reveal the exact way to be a high value woman, the type that men fall over themselves to be with and love. With these 12 things, you’ll know how to be a high value woman that he makes his #1 priority.

When you don’t know these 12 things, you end up losing the chance with high value men who are looking for these traits in a woman.

I’ll even share a technique any women can use that immediately gives you the power to get exactly what you want in your relationship. You’ll also learn how to expose if a man will give you the kind of relationship you really want or if he’ll waste your time in a dead-end “situation-ship” that goes nowhere.

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#1 Be Powerful But Stay Feminine

A lot of women mistake being powerful for being masculine and aggressive. This turns it into a negative trait instead of one that reels a man in. The key is to embrace being feminine and lean into your charm.

#2 Stay Looking Your Best

Putting in effort is attractive in both men and women! It shows that you take care of yourself and take pride in how you present yourself to others. You value yourself enough to be your best self and that reflects outward in both appearance and personality.

Focusing on being your best self is automatically going to be attractive to men (especially high value men who take care of themselves).

#3 Don’t Always Be Available

Don’t cancel plans just because he wants to hang out or he’s all of a sudden free. Just because he is doesn’t mean that you have to be!

It’s key to maintain your schedule. A woman of value doesn’t just drop everything for a guy. This is one of the main traits of a high value woman. Stick to your plans and let him make you a priority to spend time with.

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#4 Know Your Value

Knowing your value is something internal that you feel and it comes out in your actions. It doesn’t mean you need to announce it out loud or explicitly state it.
It’s about having the mentality of, “I will choose to be in relationships that suit me and what I want and choose not to be in situations that don’t align with what I want.”

Have “walking power” as a mindset. If it’s not what you want, you walk away instead of settling and being unhappy.

#5 Maintain Your Life

Similar to tip #3, the trick is to keep being who you were when you first started dating. Maintain your social circle of friends, stick to your plans, make time for your hobbies and passions, etc.

Being a high value woman means sticking to your guns and not changing everything about yourself and your life to accommodate a man.

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#6 Have Walking Power

Say no to a relationship dynamic that isn’t what you want. “Walking power” is your power to get what you want (or discover clearly if a relationship will be a dead end).

Many, many women make the mistake of thinking if a guy doesn’t want a relationship right now in the way they want, they can get him to eventually come around. This is a huge mistake that cements the relationship dynamic into what it is at that time.

The important part of this power is to never agree to a relationship dynamic that isn’t what you want. Otherwise you settle and the guy sees that as “Ok, I can keep doing the bare minimum because she’s clearly sticking around” and things never change.

Ironically, when you say no to what you don’t want, you create space for him to offer what you actually do want (if he was ever going to truly step up). This is the critical part to how to be high value and easy to lose. Walking away from a man creates attraction.

And if he’s completely and totally unwilling to offer what you want (to the point where he’s willing to lose you), then you have your clear-cut answer.

Even if he lets you go, that ultimately saves you from YEARS of time wasted chasing a relationship that was never going to work.

On the positive side, if he is willing to have the kind of relationship you actually want, and he knows you won’t agree to anything less, that’s when a guy will step up and commit so he doesn’t lose you.

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#7 Be Respectful

This one is super simple and something you already know but a lot of dating advice can get it twisted and tell you that being a bitch is a good thing. NO!

Respect others. Be a good human being. Be kind, happy, and helpful. These are all super attractive traits. No high value man wants to be with a woman who talks down to others, make snide comments, or disrespects other people. A man can see the value of a woman in how she treats others (and this goes for men too!)

#8 Be Classy But Still Sexy

This tip is all about contrast. There’s a time and place for being sexy and showing that “fun time” side. And there’s also the time and place to be classy and put-together in public and around other people.

Knowing and understanding the difference is what makes a high value woman super attractive.

#9 Be In The Best Mood Possible!

Your overall mood is what comes across as your vibe. It’s the energy that other people pick up on and can make or break a man’s attraction to you if it’s negative more often than positive.

Not only that, but being in best mood trickles down to your relationship and touches every aspect of it. It has a powerful effect on the health of your relationship and how a guy reacts and treats you.

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#10 Embrace Giving Him Space

Having and giving space is necessary for any relationship to thrive. Give a guy space and realize he needs it to miss you as well as fall in love with you. You’re giving him the room and time to figure out his feelings for you, miss you in his life, and take action to step up.

#11 Take Space For Yourself

Taking space for yourself is different than merely giving space to anyone you get into a relationship with. This tip is about how you prioritize your own space and value your own personal time with yourself.

It’s important to have that alone time for yourself to focus on what’s important to you, get in touch with your feelings and thoughts, and just have those moments of clarity and contentment alone.

#12 Have Passion In Life

This is about having passion in life in general. What lights you up and motivates you? What could you talk about for hours? What do you love sharing with people and spending your time doing?

Having a driving passion in life is extremely important for men but they also recognize it as a highly positive trait in a high value woman. No one wants to be with a dud who doesn’t have any interests.

However, even if you do everything right and give him the space he needs something in his life might make him start unconsciously pulling away from you and losing interest, which will ruin your relationship and drive him away from you 100% of the time unless you stop it before it’s too late. If you think he might be losing interest then the first step is to read this right now: If He’s Pulling Away, Do This…

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In summary…

  1. Be powerful but stay feminine
  2. Stay looking your best
  3. Don’t always be available
  4. Know your value
  5. Maintain your life
  6. Have walking power
  7. Be respectful
  8. Be classy but still sexy
  9. Be in the best mood possible
  10. Embrace giving him space
  11. Take space for yourself
  12. Have passion in life
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