Why Men Pull Away In The Early Stages: How To Get Your New Guy Back

The Trick To Ignoring A Guy To Get His Attention: What You Need To Know

Why do men pull away? What do you do when everything seemed to be going great and now he’s distant and ignoring you?

I’m going to expose why ignoring him when he pulls away is the best way to handle this situation. I’ll show you how to get his attention by pulling the same trick on him and turning the tables.

If you don’t know this essential “male emotional processing trick”, keep reading. I’ll show you the secret answer that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, you end up sabotaging a man’s ability to fall in love with you. On the other hand, when you put this trick to use, he will easily be reeled back into your open arms.

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I get this question all the time: what to do when a man pulls away. It’s frustrating, it’s confusing, and often you may end up pushing him away for good simply because you don’t know what’s going on in his mind and how to reel him back in.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive but I’m going to show you how to ignore him to get his attention. Ignoring a guy matters and is important because it reels him back in if there was ever a chance to reel him back in.

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The idea of ignoring someone is hard but you must embrace it rather than fight it, otherwise you are throwing away the best opportunity to pull him back.

The key here is to occupy your life with things you love. This creates space for him to have time to miss you and realize his feelings for you. Space is going to be what gives you the ability to get a man to love you.

Follow along as I reveal the 3 steps you need to “analyze” why he is ignoring you. When you understand and follow the steps, it almost eliminates the chance of you doing something by accident that will screw things up and lose him.

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Step 1: Is He Busy Or Just Not Available?

This first step is important in that you give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s always best to assume the best and not waste your time spiraling down into a bunch of negative and most likely irrational thoughts and fears.

When it doubt, go by the 24 Hour Rule. If you find yourself wondering, “when he pulls away, should I ignore him? Should I reach out and ask what’s wrong?”, give it a day before you make any decisions or take any actions. This gives you time to cool off your emotions and not take a spontaneous action that could jeopardize the relationship potential.

Wait at least 24 hours before reaching out, messaging him, etc. What you do not want is to send him a bunch of fearful, desperate messages seeking validation or reassurance. It’s an instant turnoff and will only push him further away.

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Step 2: Look At Your Communication Patterns

Why is this step so important? By looking at the overall pattern of how you communicate with each other, it can give you clear blueprints for how you approach him pulling away.

For example, if you talk every day, it makes sense to start worrying about something being really wrong. If you have a consistent pattern of being in contact with each other, it can feel like a red flag when it suddenly slows down or stops. However, he is probably just genuinely busy and something came up preventing him from reaching out like he normally would.

Again, the simple solution is to back off and give him space. Wait 24 hours before doing anything. This is a prime example of how to pull away to get his attention and it’s so easy because you’re not actually doing anything.

Instead of coming off desperate and needy by bombarding him with a bunch of messages, you look calm, cool, and collected by just going about your business like it’s any other day.

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Step 3: Look At Your Level Of Commitment

The status of your relationship together is going to determine the outcome, whether good or bad, of how this communication trick works. If you’re already in a relationship, you won’t be as likely to make the same mistakes you would if you’re just starting to see each other or have a more casual situation.

When you have a clear commitment, it almost provides a green light and a “right” to reach out because communication has broken down. On the other hand, if you’re not clearly committed to each other, it’s a little more touch and go in figuring out the boundaries of communication and how much is too much.

Now, I’m not saying that if you’re in a clearly committed relationship, you have a right to send him a bunch of texts demanding answers. It’s just that you have more of a solid opportunity to open that doorway to re-establish the lines of communication.

Even if you’re in a solid relationship, giving him space is still very important. No matter what your status is, this is how to get his attention by ignoring him. Giving him space and respecting boundaries is going to really make or break how he sees you and his reaction to you ignoring him when he pulls away.

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Now, real quick, I want to point something out: this is one of those major perspectives that make your love life effortless, easy and just plain work the way you’ve always wanted it to.

This is usually the hidden key that dating “experts” don’t ever share or even bother explaining and it can solve a lot of problems and prevent a lot of common relationship and dating problems.

Give Him Space

Giving a guy space is a key part of how to make a man fall in love with you. Most women cheat themselves out of experiencing love because they accidentally sabotage themselves by interrupting a man’s process of falling in love.

You have to understand that men fall in love in your absence. When they’re away from you by themselves, absence makes the heart grow fonder. They realize on their own that they are falling for you.

This space that you’re providing is where men process their emotions. They work out their feelings in private and they obviously can’t do that if you’re hovering around, texting all the time, and eating up every moment of their day.

So how do you ignore a guy to make him want you? You give him space and use that same time to focus on yourself and living your own life doing the things you love and that make you happy.

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Space is a key ingredient to any loving and healthy relationship. It makes him feel safe and able to process his emotions in his own way.

Sometimes in pop culture you hear things like “Men don’t want to be in a relationship because they don’t want to ‘lose their freedom’.” This surprisingly popular misconception is basically the idea that men want to run around being single forever. Not true!

What men are really talking about is that they don’t want to lose being able to have uninterrupted space in their life when they need it. Pulling away from him when he pulls away from you is the best thing you can do to give him that space to sort things out.

Men need space sometimes, it’s good for them and good for your relationship! This is very important to understand and take to heart.

It’s very important to show you understand this and you’re OK with him taking space when he needs it! Having space is where men feel that “freedom” they supposedly need.

Use this time to focus on your own life and do the things you want to do without wasting time worrying about what he’s up to. This becomes incredible when you have a life you’re happy with and you understand that giving him space is the best thing for both of you and the relationship.

If you’re not used to using this concept, it’s a great practice to start because it’s essential for a relationship to thrive. Space means you occupy your life with things you love so that when he pulls away, you let him go without worry or stress.

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When you find yourself at a loss as to how to get his attention back, remember to follow the 3 steps and you will see for yourself how ignoring a guy to get his attention might seem strange but it’s a very powerful trick.

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In summary…

  • Step 1: Is he busy or just not available?
  • Step 2: Look at your communication patterns
  • Step 3: Look at your level of commitment
  • Give him space

ignoring him to get his attention

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