6 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You

6 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You

Did you know that you can use a normal, everyday object to get a guy to obsess over you?

Phones are a huge part of our lives so sending text messages is a massively important part of dating. I’ll show you how to make a guy want you over text so that it sparks obsession, attraction, and makes him fall in love with you.

I’m going to share 6 different ways of how to make a guy obsessed with you over text. I’ll give you examples of texts to make him laugh, texts to make him think about you, and texts that will make him want you more than anything else in the world.

Now, before telling you what texts to send, I want to make sure you know what notto send. You need to know what to avoid because knowing this will stop you from sabotaging yourself (most women are unknowingly sabotaging themselves without even realizing it).

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At end I will reveal the #1 most important thing to know about how to text a man to make him obsessed with you and drive him crazy in the best way. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a man obsessed with you using psychology, you’re about to find out.

What You shouldn’t Do:

“Hey, how are you?”

How to get a guy to chase you? Don’t come off as boring! Texts like this show a lack of imagination. He’s just going to reply “I’m good” or something generic and then your conversation goes nowhere.

Don’t update him on everything you’re doing!

Don’t tell him about the meal you just ate or the cute dog you saw today. He doesn’t want these details constantly. Guys are simple. They want an overall impression of things instead of the tiny little details. Keep it simple and necessary.

Don’t send “What are you doing/up to?” messages

If he wanted you to know he would tell you! It will feel like a chore for him to respond which is not what you want to evoke to make him want you!

These types of texts don’t serve a purpose other than to fill up space. This is nothow to make a guy obsessed over you.

Don’t sit waiting to reply to him and jump if he texts!

It will come off as needy if you reply asap when he sends every message. I know it’s super tempting but don’t reply right away even if you are not busy. Wait at least 3 minutes or more. Set your phone down and go put your laundry away or something.

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Proofread your texts!

Don’t send misspelled and confusing texts (some guys can get confused by bad spelling or over-used “internet lingo”). If you try to be too clever or jokey, you might end up having to explain it to him, killing the mood you were going for.

Again, remember to keep it simple and use correct spelling and grammar. I know it seems nit-picky but sending dumb, misspelled, “cutesy” texts are not text messages that will make him want you. In fact, they could make him want you less which is obviously not what you want at all!

End things first

Try not to get in a back and forth all day and be the first to exit the conversation. I know it’s hard to stop texting a guy you’re really into but you want to leave him wanting more and make him obsessed with you.

Don’t just end conversation by ghosting and not responding. Find a way to say you have to go do something and you’ll talk to him later.

And now on to the good stuff. Now that you know what not to send, I’m going to share examples of how to make him crave you over text.

Examples of Good Texts:

Funny Texts

What men want is a woman to laugh with. Men love good humor and to laugh. Who doesn’t?

Funny texts show that you can laugh and have fun. You’re comfortable around him enough to joke (even laughing at yourself).

Don’t make everything into joke but don’t be afraid to send him something funny or poke fun at yourself or him over something lighthearted. Remember, jokes are for laughing, not picking on people or fishing for compliments.

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Don’t send “I wish we were hanging out lol/lmao”. Using “lol” doesn’t automatically make something a joke or funny. Overuse of it can make it hard to know when you’re being serious.

Use it when being fun and silly to cause ambiguity which is mysterious. This leads me to the next type of texts that will make him want you more.

Mysterious Texts

“If you only knew what I’m thinking…”

Teasing texts like this make him wonder what you are thinking. It’s almost like you’re setting up a puzzle for him that he needs to complete and find the ending to.

Open-ended mysterious texts like this make you seem interesting and keep him guessing instead of point-blank telling him everything like most women usually do. Keep a little mystery going and he won’t be able to help himself, wanting to know more.

Ask Him Questions About Himself

These will make him feel you are actually interested in learning about him and understanding him. Believe it or not, men like to talk about themselves. It just doesn’t come naturally for them so this is a great opportunity to ask innocent questions make any man obsess over you.

“What’s your favorite movie?”

“What is your favorite thing to eat?”

“What type of music do you listen to?”

“What’s the best thing you read recently?”

“What’s your favorite cologne?” If he asks why say “just wondering!”

Positive Mood Texts

Wondering how to make a guy obsessed with you? Know that your mood is always a secret weapon you can use in your texts. It injects light and happiness into his life.

If he’s having a bad day or week, your positive mood = what he will feel when you text. If you want to send text messages to make him fall in love, send fun and happy texts. Keep things lighthearted and positive.

If he ever comments on how you’re always in a great mood, you can say, “I realize how much I appreciate life. People take life for granted. Just smile and have fun! Life is too short.”

He’ll see that you’re a positive, upbeat person and who doesn’t want someone like that in their life?

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Tease Texts

How do you initiate a seduction? Texting!

How do you do this? Teasing texts.

“I hate wearing underwear.”

“Is it bad that I’m not wearing a bra?”

“I just got out of the shower. I’m so tempted to just lay in bed like this now.”

If you want to turn him on, it’s best to do it in the middle of the day. It’s great to send texts like these when he’s working and busy to put him in a good mood where he fantasizes about you.

Just remember not to overdo it. You’re simply putting the idea in his head. You don’t have to drag the conversation out over text, especially if he’s busy at work and can’t respond for too long.

Another simple tip is to use emojis in your suggestive and seductive texts. A single winky face will work.

Visual Text

If there’s one simple thing to keep in mind about men, it’s that they’re visual creatures. Using text to create an image for him is a great way to get him to think about you.

What to text a guy you like? Send a fun visual of you doing something like rock climbing, yoga class, a reaaaaaally good meal you just made, something fun or that shows effort (like putting together your new dresser that now holds all your sexy lingerie).

do not send naked pictures no matter how much he might want you to. Just send fun, teasing pictures and of course make sure you look good in them!

This is the perfect text to send and say nothing else, letting the picture speak for itself. “A picture is worth 1,000 words”, right?

You’ve probably heard a lot of bad, “popular”love advice on how to attract men, flirting tips, dating, etc. But the truth is less is always more!

The key understanding, as I said in the beginning is to start off by thinking of texting as “getting to know him” and what will really work well. All the best texts are tailored to his unique personality. No two men are the same so find out his unique personality and tailor your texts to him!

For example, is he into hip-hop? Text him asking his opinion on underground music or what he would recommend someone listen to if they’re new to the genre.

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Is he super aware of “texting lingo” such as “wyd?” Which is “what are you doing” in case you don’t know (I know a lot of modern lingo but some are totally foreign to me!).

Or is he more “old school” and creative? For a creative, you want to text with complete sentences and even use punctuation and creative emojis. It will appeal to his creative side and show that you’re on his level of communication.

Does he like sports? You can take a picture and say “watching ___ game. cannot believe ___ is losing/winning”, etc. Make it into something fun, but do not go overboard with interrupting him watching the game and expecting an ongoing text conversation for the next two hours.

Keep it simple, short, and leave him wanting more. This strategy works great for online dating as well when you’re communicating through email or website messages.