Exactly How to Know When Someone Likes You

Exactly How to Know When Someone Likes You

Quick Summary: There are a few ways you can tell if someone likes you to take the guesswork out of knowing if a crush or someone you’ve even been with for a while is still in love. These tips will tell you if someone really cares, or if you may be better off focusing on someone who will return your affections.

1. Understand Body Language Cues

Almost all our communication with one another is non-verbal. Though you may think you are communicating with others primarily by what you say, it accounts for only about 10 percent of communication. What we feel and think is most often communicated through body language signals. This is your key to knowing if someone likes you. They will communicate it in their eyes, their posture, the way they place their bodies in relationship to you, and even the tone of their voice, more so than what they say to you.

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2. Detect a Woman’s Signals

To detect how a woman feels, is quite simple She will give you several cues when she likes you. All of them are non-verbal.

– She will expose her wrists, or draw attention to them. This is a subconscious cue that she is exposing her vulnerable underside to you. The wrists are normally face down or held close to the body when a woman doesn’t want you to talk to her more. If she likes you, she will pull up her sleeve, play with a bracelet she’s wearing or expose this part of her body somehow.

– She will try to get closer to you in proximity. If you are in the same room, she’ll walk closer to you, even if she doesn’t try to talk to you. She’ll place herself so that she can see you, even if it is in a crowded place.

– She will find a way to touch you, even if that means haphazardly grazing your shoulder or thigh as she walks by you.

3. Understand a Man’s Signals

A lot can be discerned from a man’s body language as well. The following things should jump out as signs he likes you:

– He looks at you but then looks away quickly if he thinks he’s been caught checking you out.

– He stares at you and won’t look away.

– He tries to be near you.

– He places his body so that the majority of his torso is facing yours.

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4. Understand When Friends Want to be More Than Friends

Sometimes determining when someone likes you means you need to know if a friend has feelings that are more than “friendly.” This is how you can tell:

– They hug you a lot, or try to touch you in some way.

– They can’t wait to see you and light up when you are around.

– They don’t necessarily talk down about someone you are dating, but they find ways to make them seem less than ideal.

– Kissing you, even in a brotherly or sisterly way.

– Inviting you to spend time with them.

– In a guy’s case, acting chivalrous, like offering their coat, or guiding you around a muddy puddle you are about to step into.

– In a woman’s case, playing with her hair, or other “grooming” signals the indicate her subconscious desire to be touched by you.

– Asking you about who you are interested in or if you’re dating someone.

5. They Talk About Insecurities (Self-Deprecating Behavior)

Another way you can tell if someone likes you is if they expose their insecurities either intentionally, or unintentionally. This can indicate that they find you attractive or sexually appealing and worry that they don’t measure up, or that you wouldn’t consider dating them. This person may be looking for assurance that you find them attractive too.

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6. Dealing with an Introvert

Figuring out if an introvert is interested in you can take a little detective work because their signals are usually less overt. These people may not do the serial dating thing, and prefer to invest in someone that they can really open up to and build a long-lasting relationship with. You can tell if an introvert likes you when:

– They act differently around their friends than they do with you.

– They may shy away from conversation but still meekly steal a glance at you or try to be near you.

– Seem a little nervous when you are around.

7. They’re Shy When They Aren’t Normally

Sometimes people that aren’t normally introverts will act shy when they are interested in someone. This is due to an underlying insecurity that they may not be liked back. If someone that is normally loud, boisterous, or extremely gregarious gets tongue tied and quiet around you, it may be because they like you.

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8. They Seek Attention

The exact opposite can be true when someone likes you. They may raise their voice or their physical movements may get larger. Someone may act larger than life or try to be witty and funny or extra noticeable to get your attention when they like you.

This may even translate to their behavior on social media. If someone is constantly liking or commenting on your posts on Instagram or Facebook, then they like you.

9. Fear of Rejection

Many times, someone may like you but they fear rejection. This is a universal fear that causes millions of people to sell themselves short in romantic pursuits. You can tell if someone if afraid of being rejected, even though they like you, if they try to spend time with you, smile a lot when they are around you, act a little awkward, and want to be near you, but they just can’t seem to get up the courage to ask you out.

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10. A Blatant Crush

A blatant crush may not be all its chalked up to be. Sometimes a “player” will have a crush on someone and get a thrill simply from winning their affection. As soon as they have it they’ll move on to the next person they want to conquer. If someone makes it blatantly obvious that they are crushing on you, their feelings may be real, but very fleeting. If someone seems too confident when they are trying to talk to you, ask for your number three seconds after seeing you, and seem to have no fear of rejection, take it as a red flag and proceed with caution.

11. Talk it Out (Especially with Friends)

If you are dealing with a friend having affection for you, there are two things that you can decide to do. Take a chance and take that person out of the friend zone by doing something together with a more romantic overtone. You can proceed slowly and see how you feel in this new arena together. If you don’t feel any romantic feelings for your friend at all and suspect they have them for you, the best thing to do is be open with them about your intuition, and ask what they are feeling. Though you may not want to crush their hearts by not returning their affection, it’s better to talk it out and move forward than pretend those feelings don’t exist. It’s what a true friend would do.

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12. What to Do When You Aren’t Interested

If you aren’t interested in someone’s affection, whether they are friends or complete strangers, always treat the other person with respect and kindness. You’ve been on the other end of thwarted love and affection and you know how it feels. Don’t lead them on, but be clear and kind in telling them that you don’t feel the same way. Then, they can start the work of getting over you, and move on to someone who will return their feelings wholeheartedly.

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  • lucinda August 6, 2018, 7:34 pm

    i think it is very simple to know if someone likes or hates you. for me, if you want to know if a person likes you, just ask directly. it is very hard to lie to someone who is asking a direct and sincere question.

  • nympha August 3, 2018, 8:15 pm

    great article! this will help me decide if i should give my attention to someone who will return my affections.

  • czarina August 2, 2018, 4:11 pm

    just like how you would act when your crush gets in the same room…you might blush, get nervous and sweaty….these may also be true to the person who likes you in secret. if he acts weird around you, he might be into you.

  • katrina August 1, 2018, 6:36 pm

    always give attention to body language cues. you can’t go wrong with that.

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    you would know that he likes you if he sacrifices his habits and puts your interests ahead so that you do not feel uncomfortable with him.

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    hmmm, i knew it! this guy was very confident when talking to me and there is something about him that is not right. i am glad i took it as a red flag. my friends say he is a player.

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    hmmm, personally, i believe that if someone likes you, flirting is a good cue but it depends on the person since some guys really like to flirt around.

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    you can tell if someone is giving you a fake smile or not. if someone keeps smiling at you for a longer period of time, then he is definitely very much interested in you. fake smiles easily fade away, remember that.

  • paris July 19, 2018, 7:01 pm

    i am one of those people who talk about insecurities with someone i found very attractive. this is actually a way for me to determine if that person will get turned off or will find me attractive too for being honest and straightforward.

  • mia July 18, 2018, 8:19 pm

    actions speak louder than words. if someone likes you, their intentions will show from their actions.

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    this article is true! if i like a guy, i always give non-verbal cues. whatever it takes, i will absolutely find a way to touch him!

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    if a guy actively likes or comments on your social media posts, then he is definitely into you! so start checking who does this! good luck!

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    if i want to know if a guy really likes me, what i do is talk to his friends because they can give me signs that he is really into me.

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    i think my guy friend really likes me but i am happy of us being just friends. i would like to open to him but i don’t want to hurt his feelings…

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    i like this guy and i feel so insecure that he may not like me back. i dunno but he is not showing any of the signals mentioned here. i guess i have to move on….

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