Exactly How To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Breakup

Does He Miss Me? Exactly What To Do To Make A Man Miss Being With You

“When does a man start to miss you?”

This question has plagued women since the dawn of time. You’re wondering if the guy you’re crushing on is missing you let alone even thinking about you!

What if I told you there were simple signs you could see that answer the age-old question of “Will he miss me”?

I’m going to reveal how to spot these signs and know for sure when a man misses you. In fact, you will learn to understand that this is part of his overall process of falling in love with you. Guys fall in love when they miss you.

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You will see him becoming romantically obsessed with you and moving mountains to be with you (and only you)…

If you don’t know this one thing, you could end up making a lot of relationship-killing mistakes that smother out your chances of him falling deeply in love with you. Not knowing (and even ignoring!) this knowledge will squash the odds of him pursuing you with all of his heart.

So buckle up because this is information you definitely want to have and you won’t find it anywhere else! Knowing this gives you a super power so that even if you leave him alone, he’ll come back.

To know what makes a man miss you (to the point where he’s desperately craving to be with you and only you) …

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1. Distance Makes A Man Miss You

Giving a man “distance” is the same as space. By backing off and giving him space you are giving him room to let him fall in love. You read that right.

Men have a process where they fall in love and interrupting that process can spell disaster for any potential relationship you might’ve had. Space is at the heart and core of this process. Giving him space means you back off and allow him room to breathe.

Giving a guy space is a key part of how to know if he misses you.

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Too many women cheat themselves out of experiencing love because they interrupt a man’s process of falling in love with them. How to make him fall in love with you and miss you? By giving him the space to do so.

Men fall in love in your absence when they’re by themselves and outside of your presence. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

That space without you around is where a guy is going to work out his emotions in private and realize his own deep feelings for you. Think about it this way, if you don’t give him the opportunity to realize how much he loves being around you, he most likely won’t figure it out until it’s too late.

He needs that time to process his emotions and realize how he feels about you. And you give him that by giving him space to fall in love and stay in love with you.

Not giving him space will smother him, and not allow him to miss you, robbing both of you of the chance to truly fall deeply in love.

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2. Focus On Yourself When Giving Him Space

This tip is the flip side to giving a guy space. While he’s getting that time to process his emotions, what are you doing?

Answer: working on yourself!

When you give a guy space, you should be focusing on yourself and living your own happy life, doing the things that you love.

“How long before he misses me?”
“How long does it take a guy to realize he misses me?”
“Is he thinking about me?”

The simple answer is yes… if you give him space! But this goes beyond just giving distance and space for him to sort out his feelings.

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The key ingredient to giving a guy space is to actively spend that time bettering your life and making it full. This will only serve to make him want to be part of it. You can only have the love life you want if you love your life. This is very important!

Showing up full ensures that you’re putting your best self forward and presenting yourself as a woman he wants to be around. He’ll feel drawn to your full life, confidence, and happiness.

This also improves the quality of your interactions with him as well. When you’re truly happy on the inside, it shines outward and attracts love to you. You’re able to set the emotional tone for the relationship and he’ll fall into alignment with your good mood.

You can’t look to your relationship as something that will “make” you happy. Instead, look at it as something to bring happiness into and it will reflect that happiness back to you.

This is super effective yet a simple little trick. When you feel truly good on the inside, men really respond very positively to that and it fixes A LOT of problems and even prevents a lot of problems too!

3. Make Him Miss You With Variety

Ever wonder why men come back months later? Or “does he miss me” after the break up?

The answer is he almost won’t be able not to miss you if you brought variety into the relationship.

Adding variety on top of everything else I’ve told you will make a super-powered magnetic attraction to you that will pull him in. This is especially true in how to make him miss you after a break up.

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Now, pay attention because “variety” is not what you might think it is… Variety is the spice of life and keeps relationships going. This means doing different activities, spicing things up, and doing things that are unpredictable and exciting.

But before you get worried that you have to come up with a bunch of crazy new activities to do with your guy, I’m going to tell you what really matters when it comes to having variety in your relationship.

It’s not about the variety of what you’re doing with the guy, but rather, the variety of female energy you are bringing to the relationship and to him.

Just to be clear, female energy isn’t something complicated or out-of-reach. You are already female, so that energy will naturally shine through as long as you aren’t getting in the way of it. Let your internal “shine” out to play!

The biggest and best “shine” you can have is being happy! No joke, it’s as simple as that. When you love your life and make an effort to live it to the fullest, you can’t help but be happy.

The trick to using this in your relationship is to not smother him with communication. It’s almost impossible to do if you’re following the steps and see how this all ties in together…

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If your life revolves around a fear of losing him, then all of your interactions will be stressful and boring because you’ll waste your life obsessing over losing him. You let fear take the driver’s seat and steer things right off a cliff when you operate from that negative mindset.

Instead, re-route your attention towards things that make you feel good and in turn make you happy and someone he can’t help but want to be around.

This is why being happy and fulfilled in your own life is the secret key to building good relationships. It automatically brings “variety” into your love life.

4. Be In A Good Mood

Are you starting to see how everything is tying all together? When a guy says he misses you, it’s because he’s become addicted to you and your personality by following the steps to being a full and happy person.

Your good mood is just the final puzzle piece. It’s your love magnet.

Your upbeat and positive mood can draw him in, especially when you have given him space and made the time you do spend together great. If you combine mood with the above three things, you are not only going to make him miss you but really want to be around you as well.

This is what I mentioned in the beginning. Every step of this process builds on the last to create a powerful magnet that automatically draws him to you.

It’s the combination of all these things in addition to your mood that will make a man go from “kind of liking” you to being utterly and completely obsessed with being around you.

And, this is very important to keep in mind, if he doesn’t like you when you do all these things, then it wasn’t a match that was meant to be in the first place.

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Ultimately, the best thing you can do is give him space, add variety to your interactions, be in a good mood and let things work out the way they’re meant to. Just don’t expect anything because having high expectations of an outcome will always lead to disappointment.

Take the pressure off and remember to be happy in your own life first and foremost. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

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In Summary…

  1. Distance Makes A Man Miss You
  2. Focus On Yourself When Giving Him Space
  3. Make Him Miss You With Variety
  4. Be In A Good Mood

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