Every Woman Deserves These 4 Things From A Man

Every Woman Deserves These 4 Things From A Man

Remember “Mr. Big” from Sex & the City? Well, lots of women want to find their “Mr. Big,” or “Mr. Right.”

Problem is… relationships are messy, painful rollercoasters full of ups, downs and in-between’s.

It’s actually crazy how much pain relationships can cause. The kind of pain that steals a part of you and makes your entire life feel like it’s falling apart.

I’ve been in enough terrible relationships to know just how bad dating the wrong guy can be. I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to waste my time anymore.

The problem is, when you’re single for long enough, you abandon your standards. It’s almost as if the longer you’re single, the lower your standards drop. That’s when waiting for Mr. Right becomes waiting for Mr. Good Enough. Eventually, Mr. Good Enough becomes waiting for Mr. At Least He Has All His Teeth.

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And that’s just plain wrong. It’s such a destructive cycle.

Why? Well, because if you’re going to drop your standards by that much, you’re going to wind up going out with some pretty horrible dudes. And those dudes are going to waste your time, make you feel like crap, and screw up your love life (and your life.)

Sure, it might seem like bad advice to “just wait for the right guy,” especially if you’re sick and tired of waiting and being single. Trust me, I completely understand how hard it can be to be alone.

One thing, though. If you’ve been waiting forever for the right guy and still haven’t found him, you might not be looking for the right things in a long term mate.

I mean, sure, it would be amazing to find a guy who loves to give foot massages, watch Downton Abbey, and go dress shopping… but if you’re waiting on him you might as well be waiting on the tooth fairy too.

Truth is, if your idea of the perfect guy revolves around his tastes, what he does for fun, and the stuff you want to have in common with him, you might be waiting a very long time – and there’s no guarantee that he’s a good guy even if you find him.

That’s why I decided to reevaluate what I was looking for in a guy.

I wanted to cut it down to the top 4 things that every guy should be able to give to a woman, at minimum. If he doesn’t have these 4 things, he’s not worth your time.

And if you find a guy you click with who also has these 4 qualities – look out. You might have just found Mr. Right aka your “soul mate,” regardless of what his favorite TV show is.

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1. He’s Upfront With You

Here’s what I mean: he communicates directly with you and doesn’t try to hide anything or leave anything vague.

If you find yourself wondering what his intentions are – he’s not being a gentleman. A real man would communicate exactly what he’s looking for with you… and leave it up to you to decide what you think about it.

He should be honest, upfront, and straightforward about any issues between you. A man that communicates with his woman well is a man worth holding onto.

2. He Encourages You

One of the worst personality traits I’ve ever seen in a man is when they’re so insecure about having you that they feel like they have to degrade you and tear you down in order to keep you.

If he doesn’t encourage you and compliment you, why are you even with him?

A man should be someone who’s always there for you – who wants you to succeed and become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

If he’s not on board with that, why are you on board with him?

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3. He Respects You

Honestly, this is a no brainer.

If he’s a real man at all he’s going to demonstrate his respect for you in every interaction he has with you.

That means never belittling you. It means never putting you down or making you feel small.

It means thinking about your feelings before he says or does something – and if he fails at doing that, recognizing it and apologizing for his mistake.

Respect isn’t a gift, it’s not a special effort – it’s basic human decency. It’s your right to demand to be treated with respect. If he doesn’t it’s time to move on.

4. He’s Honest With You

This one is another super simple one.

Real relationships are built on mutual trust and honesty. Trust comes slowly, it’s built on repeated acts of loyalty and respect.

But honesty is straightforward.

Honesty means that he’s not going to lie to you. It means that he’s not going to put you in a position where you feel jealous or feel weirded out by his behavior.

It means he’s going to extend the same trust and honesty to you that you extend to him.

This isn’t just something that’s important – it’s mandatory. If you can’t be honest and trust each other, what’s the point?

Regardless of whether you’re compatible, regardless of what kind of TV and movies he likes, regardless of whether you like the same kinds of food or not – these 4 qualities are mandatory in a man who has real potential.

If you want a relationship that lasts… a relationship that has the potential to stand the test of time, then you don’t just want these qualities in a man, you deserve them.

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And when you find a man with them, you’ll discover that the superficial stuff about who likes what kind of whatever wasn’t ever that important in the first place.

Until next time,

Rebecca Mercy

P.S. It’s true, every woman deserves these 4 things from a guy, but if you’re not compatible with him, then the relationship won’t work out anyway.

Compatibility is the #1 most important predictor of relationship success between two people. If you’re compatible – you’re golden. If you’re not…

What do you think about these traits? Leave your comments below!

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In summary…

Every Woman Deserves These 4 Things From A Man

  1. He’s upfront with you
  2. He encourages you
  3. He respects you
  4. He’s honest with you

things every woman deserves from a man

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  • cerene March 28, 2018, 3:01 pm

    These are common sense. The same interests and hobbies gors towards long term compatibility. And please add practical stuff like a job, car, license, adequate housing, decent credit, minimum debt, no addiction, etc.

  • Bruno November 27, 2015, 2:10 am

    So do men deserve the same?

  • Maria May 3, 2015, 5:02 pm

    Great information for me. I would like a man that treats me right, but I am afraid that it might have to do with where I live.

  • Raquel T. May 3, 2015, 4:49 pm

    Yes they do! Great post, I wish that I could like it one million times!

  • Joanne May 3, 2015, 4:33 pm

    Now there are bad attitudes on woman as well. I think that if the woman is nice and sweet, there is no reason to think she does not deserve the same back from her man.

  • Stewart D May 2, 2015, 8:55 am

    Honesty is the most important without any doubt! Not just when it comes to each other, but in your own life as well. Be honest to yourself.

  • Lorrie April 30, 2015, 10:50 am

    Excellent list and one that I totally agree with. Why would any woman want to hang around any man that cannot provide things like this?

  • Vernon P. April 29, 2015, 9:56 am

    I agree with this post and everyone that has taken the time to comment. Most woman deserve better and it is up to a better man to show her that.

  • January Smith April 28, 2015, 9:09 pm

    Honest with me and respects me, you can stop the list right there.

  • Jackie V. April 28, 2015, 2:55 pm

    I love this post. Woman need to have something from men that is not just a baby in 9 months. Getting these things from men would be great for all woman.

  • Verna April 27, 2015, 2:53 pm

    Absolutely woman deserve this from men! Men need to remember that we are equals and need just as much attention as they want. Great read!

  • Graham April 26, 2015, 12:00 am

    This is absolutely true! I agree with everything on this post, however, there is always that man that makes it a big deal to limit what they thing the woman deserves from them and that gives us all a bad name.

  • Raff R. April 24, 2015, 7:07 pm

    I would tend to agree with you about what all woman deserve from a man. You need to be respectful for sure. And you need to remember that you get back what you give out. It can come back to haunt you if you are not careful!

  • Percy April 24, 2015, 6:48 pm

    This is a great list. I agree with each part of it and if you can meet a woman that deserves what this list shows, then you have a keeper. They are hard to come by!

  • amila April 24, 2015, 10:07 am

    I am also fed up with fake relationships. Waiting for a miracle to happen.
    If i meet someone having all above qualities then definitely it would be a miracle.
    This is a very good explanation to all single girls.
    Thank you for this post.

  • Jenanine April 23, 2015, 7:19 pm

    That photo reminds me of the television show. I think we all know at least two of those types of people. They covered all bases with that show and it was very entertaining!

  • Irene H. April 21, 2015, 9:50 pm

    I wonder if my boyfriend talks good or bad about me behind my back. I have always honored him and talked very good things to others about him. I deserve that back from my man, right?

    • Melissa April 21, 2015, 9:50 pm

      I do not see why you could not expect that from your boyfriend. If you are hoping to tie the knot one day, it would be a must have!

      • Heather July 2, 2015, 11:28 pm

        I’m commenting to let you know what a hplfeul encounter my friend’s child gained visiting yuor web blog. She came to find some issues, with the inclusion of what it is like to possess a very effective giving mindset to get many more very easily gain knowledge of selected complex things. You truly exceeded our desires. Many thanks for churning out such precious, trustworthy, informative and even unique guidance on that topic to Ethel.

  • April April 21, 2015, 9:23 pm

    ALL very good qualities to find in a man. If you think you deserve things like this, than you probably do. Good luck!

    • January Highper April 23, 2015, 7:56 pm

      Yes they are. If you can find a man with all of these, you are in the gold. Woman deserve things like this from men all the time. It does not have to be the entire list, right?

      • Margie April 30, 2015, 11:06 am

        Right, if you can find this entire list in one man, you won the lottery :) Of course it does not have to be the entire list, but if you find yourself noticing certain things like this, realize it and hang on!

  • Tabby April 20, 2015, 5:59 pm

    I think that the respect of a woman can take a man a long way in any relationship. If you have a guy that will respect you, you are in a WIN-WIN situation :)

  • pabi April 16, 2015, 1:51 am

    i am very influenced by page and its very helpfull.

    • Jenne April 28, 2015, 2:37 pm

      I agree! This information if very helpful and should be shared with your friends on social media!

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