Why Doesn't He Like Me Back?! 21 Reasons Why He's Not That Into You...

Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back?! 21 Reasons Why He’s Not That Into You…

You’ve been checking out a certain guy and dropping subtle hints that you like him.

You think your hints are pretty obvious, yet they seem not to stick. Is he oblivious? Do you need to make your attempts at connecting with him more overt?

Are you wasting your time giving him all your attention?

Does he like you back?

If a guy doesn’t seem to like you back, there can be a number of reasons, personal to him, which only he knows. Chemistry between two people is based on a myriad of different factors, all of which may not even be conscious.

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You’ve invested a lot of your heart and thought into this guy before you’ve gone on a single date so what should you do? Just keep wondering if he likes you?

You may be wondering if you’d be better off moving on and putting your attention on someone who may give you some of that attention and admiration back.

Before you throw in the towel, you should understand that there are twenty different clues that will tell you – quite obviously – why he doesn’t like you back, or if he does like you and you’re just missing it.

1. You Try Too Hard to Win His Affection. When you are always fawning over a guy, it can be a put-off. Though you can be well intended, this tactic can backfire. He’ll take all your advances for granted, and think of you as a girl to put on his “just in case” list, instead of someone that is worthy of pursuing.

2. You’re Too Easily Available. If you are always around him, he never has the chance to miss you. Being available, but not constantly in his presence will make him notice the difference between time spent together and time spent apart. If he misses you when you aren’t around, he may notice his own feelings for you.

3. He Doesn’t Imagine that You’d Be Compatible. If you seem too different from him, whether it’s in looks, temperament, age, socio-economic status, physical fitness, etc. then he may not think that you are dating material.

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4. Your Temperaments Don’t Match. You’re fiery and passionate, and he’s calm and persevering. Even if a man thinks you’re attractive physically, he may not be interested in you if he can’t imagine relating to your personality and emotional temperature.

5. You’re Just Not His Type. Men have very specific ideas about what they are attracted to in a woman. Some guys go for blondes with an athletic physique, other guys want a sultry brunette with curve appeal. He may also be attracted to a woman who is fun and flirtatious, and other times he’ll be drawn to the high powered intellectual. Don’t’ bend over backwards trying to be the woman of his dreams. You either fit the bill or you don’t, and the man that thinks you are his ideal will be just around the corner, even if this one isn’t it.

6. He’s Put You in the Friend Zone. He may find you attractive, funny, and endearing, but he’s put you in the friend zone. That means he thinks of you like a sister or an aunt, not dating material.

7. He Doesn’t Want to Ruin the Friendship You Have. If he has put you in the friend zone he may not want to jeopardize that relationship. We’ve known men to hide their desires to take something to the next level for years with the fear that it would put a great friendship to rest.

8. He’s Into Someone Else. Sometimes a guy has singular vision. Even if you are gorgeous, smart, and highly available, if he’s already set his sights on another woman then he likely won’t see you.

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9. He Isn’t Attracted to You Sexually. This one falls into the same category as “he’s just not into you.” Rarely will a man shift his idea about what is sexually appealing. This is a purely subjective thing, so don’t take it personally if he doesn’t find you attractive.

10. He’s gay. No matter how wonderful you think he is, if he’s gay, then it won’t matter how hard you try to win his affection. Perhaps switch your focus on becoming his best friend instead. Gay men are notoriously wonderful “girl” friends.

11. He Has an Unusually High Opinion of Himself. Some men have an ego that just won’t quit. Women can fall prey to this kind of narcissism, too, but if he thinks he’s too good for anyone but an Ivy League educated super model, then mere mortals don’t stand a chance. Let him seek the perfect, unattainable goddess elsewhere, and move on.

12. You Have Different Roots. When your backgrounds are too disparate, he may feel like he can’t relate to you. If he’s from an inner-city ghetto and you’re an uptown princess, he may have a hard time relating to you, even if he is attracted to you.

13. You Don’t Share the Same Religion. Religion can figure largely into a man’s idealized woman. In many cases, he will only seek someone who goes to the same church, synagogue or Mosque as he does, and will rule out anyone who doesn’t share the same views about God or spirituality.

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14. He’s Taking a Time Out from Relationships. He may have just gone through a painful break-up. His will to put himself out there in the dating world may temporarily be shut down. If this is the case, give it time, and maybe try again once he has had time to heal.

15. He’s Clueless that You Like Him Back. He may harbor feelings for you, but be completely clueless that you like him. Sometimes a man won’t make the first move unless he thinks he’ll be successful in trying.

16. There’s Too Much of an Age Difference. If you’ve fallen in love with your 45-year-old professor, and you’re only 17, then there are some obvious love-cues that will get scrambled. While the Lolita thing is hot for some men, human beings typically tend to fall for people who are close to them in age.

17. He Has Other Priorities. Sometimes a man is too wrapped up in his job, taking care of ailing parent or other responsibilities to take dating very seriously. If this is the case, your advances may be snuffed or simply ignored. Not because you aren’t wonderful, but simply because he has his eye on a different kind of prize or he’s consumed with whatever else is on his plate.

18. He Thinks You’re Too Pretty for Him. Sometimes men won’t even attempt to date a woman he feels is out of his reach. He may even fantasize about being with you, but if you are generally perceived as much more attractive than him by all of your peers, he may be too afraid to reach out and try to start a romantic relationship with you.

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19. He’s Afraid to Ask You Out. Introverts and shy people are notorious for taking forever to act on their deepest desires. They may fear rejection so deeply, that they won’t even attempt to ask you out.

20. You Didn’t Connect. If you’ve been around him a few times and failed to connect, either because of the environment (a too-noisy bar, he was distracted by friends at a party, he was cramming for exams at the library) or because he was focused on other things, you may have just failed to capture his attention.

Now that you know why he may not like you back, you can assess the situation and decide if he’s still worth pursuing. Is he just not attracted to you? Does he feel that the two of you are just too different to really go the distance? Are you in the friend zone? Are you out of his league? Is he a narcissist looking for perfection? Once you’ve looked at these points honestly, you can determine if your love interest can be pursued, or if you need to gently, kindly let him go – and give yourself a break for not capturing this particular guy’s affection. There just might be another one who will think you are the best catch ever.

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In summary…

1. You Try Too Hard to Win His Affection

2. You’re Too Easily Available

3. He Doesn’t Imagine that You’d Be Compatible

4. Your Temperaments Don’t Match

5. You’re Just Not His Type

6. He’s Put You in the Friend Zone

7. He Doesn’t Want to Ruin the Friendship You Have.

8. He’s Into Someone Else

9. He Isn’t Attracted to You Sexually

10. He’s gay

11. He Has an Unusually High Opinion of Himself

12. You Have Different Roots

13. You Don’t Share the Same Religion

14. He’s Taking a Time Out from Relationships

15. He’s Clueless that You Like Him Back

16. There’s Too Much of an Age Difference

17. He Has Other Priorities

18. He Thinks You’re Too Pretty for Him

19. He’s Afraid to Ask You Out

20. You Didn’t Connect

why doesnt he like me back

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  • cardi August 10, 2018, 7:21 pm

    let us all face it! dating these days has just gotten so hard! sometimes i am frightened to go out on a date because of rejection. one thing i think about when it comes to this topic is, if a guy likes you, he will do anything in his power to get you.

  • belle August 9, 2018, 2:02 pm

    it may be as simple as you’r not his type. this can happen all the time and you don’t have feel sorry about yourself at all. like we women do, men alao have their own preferences. move on and wait for the perfect guy for you. don’t push things with someone who do not like you, it still won’t work in the end.

  • cara August 8, 2018, 7:32 pm

    some guys find it easier to say nothing at all instead of just being honest. this article is a good read. will definitely help girls like me who can’t figure out the real reason why some guys ghost women.

  • acey August 8, 2018, 2:47 am

    this guy hasn’t called me after our first date and i kept on wondering why. does that mean that he doesn’t like me at all? men are really complicated!

  • donatella August 6, 2018, 7:01 pm

    thank you for these pointers. i really have to read this so i would know why this guy whom i like so much doesn’t seem to like me back.

  • liza August 3, 2018, 7:49 pm

    i will keep these 21 reasons and clues in mind. i don’t want to waste my time with someone that doesn’t even like me at all. this post is a great help for us girls!

  • daisy August 2, 2018, 6:24 pm

    it really hurts when you like a guy but he is not into you…if only i can cast a spell just for him to like me back…

  • vilma August 1, 2018, 6:19 pm

    this article is worth reading. if the guy you like doesn’t like you back, the best option is to get over it and move on.

  • tiffany July 31, 2018, 8:53 pm

    glad i found this post. i am happy to learn about the different factors why he wouldn’t like me and why i should stop wasting my time. thanks!

  • rosario July 30, 2018, 7:17 pm

    i really like this guy but it seems like he doesn’t notice me at all. one of his friends told me that he likes flirtatious girls and i am not that type. should i change just for him to like me back?

  • cindy July 27, 2018, 6:02 pm

    i always use my mind and my instinct whenever this question comes up in my mind. if his eyes shine when he looks at me, then he is definitely into me. but if he is looking somewhere else then it is another story.

  • halsey July 26, 2018, 6:12 pm

    i don’t want to be on his “just in case” list so i should stop trying hard to win his affection. i wanted to be treated seriously so i better wait for the right guy for me.

  • penelope July 25, 2018, 7:15 pm

    i really like someone but he doesn’t feel the same way about me. at first, i was asking myself questions why and i thought of the best answer which is to “move on” and be done with it. what is important is we are friends.

  • mia July 24, 2018, 5:41 pm

    this post made me realize the reason why the guy that i like doesn’t like me back..i guess i am too easily available. you are right, i will give him the chance to miss me. should distance myself from him a little bit.

  • beth July 23, 2018, 8:38 pm

    religious compatibility really matters in a relationship. i know a lot of couples and from what i have observed, one key for a successful marriage is sharing the same religious beliefs.

  • sammy July 20, 2018, 10:08 pm

    i’ve been wondering why the guy that i like is not into me. well, maybe i am just really not his type. i am thankful that i came across this post. this made me realize that he is not worth pursuing.

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