The Exact Reasons Men Withdraw From Relationships

The Exact Reasons Men Withdraw From Relationships

So you’re here because you want to know why men withdraw from relationships.

Something he’s doing or not doing is setting off alarm bells in your head and making you worried that he’s pulling away from you and withdrawing.

Maybe he’s not calling back or texting as much, or maybe he asked for some space, or maybe he flaked on you one too many times, or maybe there’s just something about his vibe that makes you feel like he’s not that into you anymore.

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Whatever the reason, it feels like he’s pulling away from you and you don’t know why it’s happening or how to stop it.

I’m here to help. I’m going to give you the biggest reasons why it sometimes feels like guys are withdrawing from a relationship, plus exactly what you should do.

Why Is He Withdrawing?

Right now it’s likely that you’re worried and freaking out about what’s going to happen in your relationship.

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That’s totally normal. It’s super scary to feel like a guy you like is pulling away from you!

Especially if things are starting to get serious between you, or they already are. It can even feel like a betrayal – “how can he just want to abandon me like that?”

The reason I bring any of this up is that there’s an extremely important rule to remember here: engaging with that kind of negativity is actually going to drive him further away.

I’ll explain what I mean in just a minute, but first let’s talk about the reasons he might be pulling away.

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The Exact Reasons Men Withdraw From Relationships

If you’re confused about why a guy is withdrawing from a relationship, it’s very likely that the reason has to do with him and his personal life, and that it’s not about your relationship. When a guy has to deal with a problem in his personal life (whether that’s at work or with his family or some other reason), he devotes his energy and attention towards fixing it. That might feel like he’s pulling away from you (since his attention is elsewhere), but chances are it will come back if you just play it cool.

reasons men withdraw from relationships

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What Are The Reasons Guys Pull Away From Relationships?

One of the most common reasons that it seems like a guy is pulling away is because he has something come up in his life that he wants to give his full attention to.

Maybe a problem came up at work, and he’s got to work extra hard in order to solve it. Maybe something is going on with his family and he doesn’t really want to share about it. Maybe he’s having a problem with his living situation, or his car, or something else in his life.

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Most guys like to concentrate on one thing at a time. We’re not as good at multi-tasking, so when a guy has to figure something out or solve a problem, usually he wants to put all his energy and focus towards it.

And while that feels natural to him, it could feel to anyone else involved in his life like he’s pulling his attention and presence away from them.

In his mind, he’s redirecting his energy and attention towards a problem so that he can solve it. But in your mind, it could feel like he’s emotionally pulling away from you, especially if he hasn’t been communicating much (which to him is more like cutting down on distractions to finish what he’s working on).

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In this type of situation, the guy isn’t as emotionally invested in the day to day up and down of the relationship. He’s not living and dying on every missed call or text that takes a while to return.

Instead, he’s focusing on whatever problem he’s working on. The relationship is something he trusts to still be there when his focus isn’t monopolized by his current work.

So to him, it feels like he’s just setting the relationship down for a moment, and planning on picking it back up as soon as he’s solved his crisis.

But to you, it can feel like the world is ending.

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The Worst Mistake You Can Make When It Feels Like He’s Pulling Away

And it’s at this precise moment that many women make the critical mistake that winds up pushing him further away and even sending the relationship into a spiral that eventually destroys it.

The truth is, the example I gave above is a very common reason that it feels like he’s pulling away, but it’s not the only one. He really could be having second thoughts about the relationship, or he could be figuring out how he feels about you, or one of a million other possibilities.

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The most important point is that you can’t guess why he’s withdrawing. You’re not a mind reader. There’s no way for you to get inside his head and figure it out.

Analyzing his actions from every angle trying to find clues about how he feels about you or figure out what went wrong is a waste of your time and energy. All it’s going to do is freak you out, make you feel weird around him, make him feel weird around you, and push him even further away.

In fact, obsessing about why he’s pulling away (and trying to figure out how to pull him back) is actually the critical mistake that pushes him even further away.

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When you obsess about the reason behind why he feels distant towards you, it makes you scrutinize his every word and action for clues. That feels awful from his perspective. Imagine if he was putting everything you said and did under a magnifying glass to search for clues about how you felt about him.

It feels off-putting! It makes him feel like he has to walk around eggshells with you and think about what he says in order to say the right thing and avoid upsetting you.

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That’s the opposite of the vibe you want to have in your relationship. Relationships blossom, strengthen, and deepen when both partners feel like they can be themselves around each other, without fear of judgement.

So if he feels like he has to watch what he says around you, it’s going to make him want to be around you way less. That in turn is going to deepen your fears that he’s withdrawing from you, which will make you obsess over his behavior even more, and the whole thing turns into a vicious cycle that tears your relationship apart from inside.

Don’t go down that road with him. It only leads to heartbreak.

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So What Should You Do When He’s Pulling Away?

It’s simple. Avoid the trap I described above and if it feels like he’s pulling away from you, play it cool and give him the space he’s looking for.

We already talked about not being able to read his mind. You can’t ever figure out for sure why it feels like he’s pulling away from you.

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Which is why the only winning move in this situation is to give him the space he’s looking for.

By playing it cool, you avoid the trap of bringing the relationship into a situation that might not have been about the relationship at all. Maybe he really was obsessing about something at work – and by making it about the relationship you would have destabilized things between you.

Instead, by playing it cool, you let him give his full attention and focus to whatever’s bothering him, and give him the time and space to come back to you refreshed, recharged, and ready to be in the relationship.

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There’s just no upside to chasing after him, or obsessing about why he might feel distant. That’s why the best thing to do is to play it cool.

Plus, when he’s looking for distance from the relationship, he’s going to get it one way or the other. Chasing after him only pushes him away further as he seeks the perspective he’s been trying to get.

When you play it cool, you let him have what he needs, plus you give him the space he needs to miss you again and come back to you.

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So the moral of the story is: if it feels like he’s pulling away, play it cool. Anything else will push him away further, while playing it cool and letting him have space will eventually make him want to come back to you.

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    I followed this but eventually I got crazy cuz I got a really bad feeling stuck in my heart for a week, and I felt like I’d got sick if I kept this emotion. So I communicated with my partner in a concerning way to figure out what’s going on. The result was good he said he still cares about me, it’s just he’s too busy with his new job and the upcoming certificate exam. He told me he couldn’t pay too much attention on me for these 4 months. Sometimes he just dissapeared for several days.. I don’t know how long can I endure this. What should I do?

  • vanna June 29, 2017, 3:32 pm

    most of the time it’s not even an issue brought about by the woman. men sometimes need to deal with important issues/matter outside the relationship, so they start pulling away and and creating that space. not to worry though, most of the time this is their way of protecting you and the relationship from whatever drama or mishaps and mix ups that may arise along the way.

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